Dinkum: Metal Detecting Guide

Published: 16 Jul 2022
If you need more money in Dinkum, then definitely you will want to use the Metal Detector!

Dinkum is a new crafting and farming game where players can do different types of jobs, craft materials, and do farming to earn money. There are tons of hidden treasures on the island that will bring you even more money and the only way to find them is by using the Metal Detector.

In this guide, we will show you How To Use the Metal Detector in Dinkum!

Dinkum: Metal Detecting Guide

First up, if you don’t have the metal detector, you need to go to John’s store and buy it from there.

Once you have it purchased, attach it on you and go outside on the nearest sandy area. You have to hold the left click and walk around with the metal detector. In same time you will hear the beeping sound.

You will want to check each individual square if you want to find more of the hidden treasure.

Once you detect something in the ground, you will hear the beeping sound will increase faster and the area of the square on the ground will become marked with a green circle light on it.

At this moment, you can switch to your shovel and dig the spot.

Continue with the same method with the entire area to detect some very rare and mysterious rewards hidden in the ground.