Dinkum: How To Use The Old Key In The Deep Mine

Published: 22 Jul 2022
Time to use those old keys to open locked doors in Deep Mine!

Dinkum is an animal crossing-inspired game where you can build your own home, explore forests and grow various things on your farm. This guide will tell you how to use the old key in Deep Mines.

Dinkum: How To Use The Old Key In The Deep Mine

While playing the game, you will receive plenty of items such as the Old Keys from the barrels and there isn’t much to do with these keys in the beginning. However, these keys are not completely useless and have a specific purpose in the game.

If you have gained access to the Deep Mines then you will utilize these keys to unlock locked doors present there. The Deep Mines is a great place where you can find rare ores and resources so building one is highly recommended.

 After you enter the Deep Mines, you can equip the old key to open locked doors and collect the resources present inside. Since there are plenty of locked doors in the Deep Mines, you will need multiple keys to unlock them.

That’s it, now go ahead and use these keys to unlock these doors!