Dinkum: How To Use Gacha Machine

July 21, 2022
Check out this guide to know how to use the Gacha Machine in Dinkum!

In Dinkum, the term for the vending machine is “Gacha machine.” If you recently picked up a Gacha machine and are unsure of how to use it or what to do with it. You are in the right place.  Everything relating to the Gacha Machine in Dinkum is covered in this guide. You will discover how to use the Gacha machine in Dinkum and how to unlock it by following the step-by-step instructions. All you have to do is adhere to the instructions.

Dinkum: How To Use Gacha Machine

How can you Unlock Gacha Machine?

The player must first unlock the Gacha machine in order to use it. Through Franklin, the player can assemble the Gacha machine. When John leaves the guest tent, Franklyn is the one who is included in the initial rotation of visitors. He is a science nerd.

He buys Shiny Discs from you at a great price and works on his new scientific breakthroughs and inventions. you can purchase the same from him for the appropriate amount of money and parts. The Gacha machine is one of the inventions that may be unlocked with each Shiny Disc you sell him.

One doesn’t need any license to unlock the Gacha machine, you just need to give the research guy discs and he will eventually unlock it for you so that you can place it wherever you want. 

You just need to make sure to save all your metal detecting pieces so that you can unlock the Gacha machine via franklin. Its crafting cost would be 70,000 Dinks, 1 Day, 5 old gear, 2 iron bars, 1 glass bulb, 1 button board, and 1 old toy.

How to make Gacha Machine work?

Primarily it is important to know that the player needs to have a Gacha Machine with them in order to make use of it. Also, remember that the Gacha machine cannot be placed indoors rather it has to be placed outside wherever you want. The steps to use the Gacha machine are as follows: 

  • In order to use the Gacha machine, the player first needs to click on their money to get it in their inventory so that they can insert it into the Gacha machine to start it. 
  • After adding it, you then have to split the money in half. You don’t have to keep splitting it. 
  • You can then move it to your hot bar, go right to the Gacha machine, and left-click to insert the money into it. 5 000 gold coins must be inserted into it before it may be used.
  • You must wait a very long time to earn prizes from the Gacha machine after inserting money into it. It takes very much the entire day. Therefore, if you put in the coin today, you will find out what you won the following day.
  •  Also, in the end, always remember to put your money back into your pouch