Dinkum: How To Trap Birds

Published: 21 Jul 2022
Here you can learn How to Trap Birds in Dinkum!

Dinkum is a game where you can do lot of jobs, such as farming, mining, crafting, and more just to make money. There are a lot of animals that will earn you money by sending them to the Animal Research Center, but of course, you have to know how to trap them. One of the easiest animals to trap are the birds, and also the easiest way to earn money.

In this guide, we will show you How to Trap Birds in Dinkum!

Dinkum: How To Trap Birds

Trapping Requirements

Before you start trapping any animals in Dinkum, you will be required to obtain a Trapping License. This trapping license can be obtained from Fletch and will cost you only 500 PT, which will unlock the simple animal trap. This trap is all that you need to be able to catch any bird in the game.

There is also an option to upgrade your trapping license for 1000 PT which will give you the access to craft advanced animal traps, and at the same time will increase your trapping success rate.

How to Trap Birds

Once you obtain your Trapping License, the next thing is to craft your trap and set up the drop-off area for the trap.

First of all, you must find an area on the map where there are some birds, depending on what type of bird you want to catch. There are a lot of areas around the map where you can spot the birds flying and roaming around.

If you found a good location for trapping birds, just place the trap near the birds and inside the trap, you can put a piece of meat that will trigger the birds to come inside the trap.

Now, you just need to wait for the bird to come for the meat and step on the trap, then it will automatically close up and trap the bird inside. Once the bird is trapped, you can go to your trap and pick it up.

You got your birds but it is not all done yet. Make sure to bring the trap back to the drop-off area where the bird will be captured and sent to the Animal Research Center.

After a while, you will receive mail in your mailbox that confirms that they received your animal, and your reward will be attached to the mail.