Dinkum: How To Play Multiplayer

July 22, 2022
Check out this guide to play Dinkum with your friends!

Dinkum is an animal crossing-inspired game where you can build your own home, explore forests and grow various things on your farm. This guide will tell you how to access the multiplayer mode in the game and enjoy it with your friends.

Dinkum: How To Play Multiplayer

Watching your own little farm grow in Dinkum is pretty fun but the game becomes more exciting when you play it with your friends and work as a team together. You can either host a multiplayer game or join a game hosted by your friend.

To play multiplayer with your friends, you will require a character who has finished their first day in the game. This means that your character should at least complete the basic tasks such as setting up the tent, making a campfire and other tasks assigned by Fletch.

In order to host a multiplayer game in Dinkum, choose the multiplayer option from the main menu and select any of the existing characters from the list.

Next, you will need to select the lobby restriction such as Friends Only, Invite Only, Public and LAN. This will allow you to determine who can or cannot join your hosted game.Click on the Host Game option after you are done and you are good to go.

Similarly, if you wish to join an existing game that is currently being hosted by another player then you need to select the Multiplayer option in the main menu and choose any of your existing characters.

Next, you need to click on the Open Games tab and here you can join the games being hosted by your friends or public games currently available.

Visitors in your town will be unable to move or place any structures or sell the farm animals. It is highly recommended that you make some progress in your town to get some crucial recipes like Crude Furnace or Nails from Fletch.

That’s it, now go ahead and enjoy the game with your friends!