Dinkum: How To Open Shiny Stone

July 22, 2022
Time to open those shiny stones and collect the material inside!

Dinkum is an animal crossing-inspired game where you can build your own home, explore forests and grow various things on your farm. This guide will tell you how to open shiny stones in the game.

Dinkum: How To Open Shiny Stone

When mining in the game, you will come across shiny stones that contain valuable resources inside and figuring out how to open them can be a bit tricky.

In order to open these stones and extract valuable materials from them, you will need to purchase a Stone Grinder from John for 10,000 Dinks.

Place this Stone Grinder at a convenient location and open your inventory to select the shiny stones.

Now place these stones inside the Stone Grinder and it will extract everything present inside to reward you with Iron, Tin or Copper Ores.

In case you are lucky enough then you will receive shiny blue crystals called Opals which are really valuable and will fetch you a high price in the market.

That’s it, now go ahead and purchase a Stone Grinder to open those shiny stones!