Dinkum: How To Get Stone Grinder

Published: 20 Jul 2022
Time to purchase the Stone Grinder in Dinkum!

Dinkum is an animal crossing-inspired game where you can build your own home, explore forests and grow various things on your farm. This guide will tell the location of the stone grinder in the game.

Dinkum: How To Get Stone Grinder

The Stone Grinder is useful if you mine a lot as it can extract valuable materials from big rocks or turn normal rocks into cement allowing you to build new buildings.

In order to purchase the Stone Grinder, you will need to first complete the quest called Convince John to Stay and then John will get his own permanent shop in the town.

Next, you need to meet Fletch at the main gate of the camp and purchase a level Mining license for 250 permit points. After you get the license, you will also need to buy a Pickaxe from John for 1200 dinks.

Finally, head over to John’s shop and purchase the Stone Grinder for 10,000 dinks. You can use the stone grinder by placing it at one location and gathering all the rocks to put them inside the grinder. The Stone Grinder will then convert these rocks into cement and other useful resources.

That’s it, you have successfully acquired the Stone Grinder in Dinkum!