Dinkum: How To Fish

The most recent farming and crafting game on Steam is called Dinkum. Players can team up with their pals to explore a realm modeled after the Australian outback in this down-under adventure. Players can engage in a number of activities in the town-building game, including mining, farming, hunting, and fishing. If you’re wanting to learn how to fish in Dinkum, below is the complete guide explaining the same. 

Dinkum: How To Fish

You must get a fishing license in order to fish in Dinkum. Without acquiring a license for fishing, one cannot get permission to make a purchase of a Fishing Rod. This item plays the most crucial role in this activity of fishing. So it is better to have a license first. 

Fletch will sell you any license you desire in exchange for Permit Points. The blue in-game currency known as Permit Points is obtained through accomplishing Milestones, which players may find and keep track of in their journals. One needs to save up permit points from other activities in order to pay Fletch for the license. 

Once you acquire your fishing license, you must pay 1,260 coins to a shopkeeper like John to purchase a fishing rod.

Find a river or other body of water nearby, then go to the edge of it and look for fish there after getting the fishing rod. The actual fishing activity starts at the moment you see fish in the water. 

Use the left mouse click to equip your fishing rod and cast the line. Additionally, by holding the input for a longer period of time, the line can be cast further.

When reeling in a fish you have caught, you must press the same button. Alternatively, you can cancel the cast by clicking the right mouse button.

The fish will take some time after you cast the line before it fully accepts the bait. It will first chew on the bait, but you must be patient and remain motionless.

Only once the fish has been hooked and not swimming away, you should begin reeling in the line. You’ll be able to tell whether the fish is hooked or not by the splashing of the water but it will stop after some time. 

Reeling in the fish is the next and most crucial step in Dinkum fishing. When the fish tries to swim away or strike back, you must release the left-click button. You should pull the fish in once it stops swimming away and becomes stationary. 

Before you catch it, the fish will repeat this behavior several times. When the fish stops swimming, simply reel it in to catch it. But if you don’t wait until the fish starts swimming away and simply release the mouse button, the line will snap, and you’ll lose the fish.

That is all there is to know regarding fishing in Dinkum. Best of luck!

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