Dinkum: How to Find Jimmy

Dinkum is an animal crossing-inspired game where you can build your own home, explore forests and grow various things on your farm. The Shady Visitor is one of the characters that players have heard a lot about especially during the loading screen of the game. It’s time to finally pay him a visit and check out the items that he offers.

This guide will tell you how to find Jimmy in the game.

Dinkum: How to Find Jimmy

Jimmy, also known as the Shady Visitor is a merchant that rarely appears on the map and finding him can be challenging in itself. An interesting thing to note about Jimmy is that he will sell you items with Permit Points not Dinks and has some pretty rare items in his shop.

In order to get Jimmy to spawn in the game, you will need to deposit at least a million Dinks in your Bank.

A question mark will appear on your map indicating the current location of Jimmy on the island.

Jimmy will only visit your island on a boat and most of the time, he will be located near a water body. It’s highly recommended that you use a Jetski or a Row Boat to reach the location of his boat. Most of the time, it will be raining when Jimmy appears and sometimes you will also receive a mail telling you that the Shady Visitor is here.

Here are all the items that Jimmy has on offer:

  • Boom Box: 6,000 Permit Points
  • Gold Paint: 1,000 Permit Points
  • Golden Bush Devil Statue: 720 Permit Points
  • Red Hang Glider: 1,600 Permit Points
  • Gold Pocket Watch: 20,000 Permit Points

Make sure that you have atleast 21,600 Permit Points to purchase atleast the Gold Pocket Watch and the Red Hang Glider as these are some of the best items that are really worth the amount you spend on them.

The Gold Pocket Watch can increase the speed of time and make it upto 10 times faster while the Red Hang Glider will allow you to easily travel from one location to another.

If you are not interested in purchasing any of the items then you can also sell items from your inventory to Jimmy for some sweet bonus. However, the catch is that he will only buy items in bulk meaning 50 quantities or more. Jimmy will offer you 50% more Dinks for your items as compared to John. For example, John will give you 41,750 Dinks for 50 Ear Hats whereas Jimmy will offer you 62,625 for the same.

That’s it, now go ahead and find Jimmy to get some really amazing deals!

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