Dinkum: How To Find Glider

Published: 21 Jul 2022
Curious to know how to find a Glider in Dinkum? If yes, then don’t forget to read till the end!

A town-building survival game with an Australian theme called Dinkum is comparable to Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. You can discover a staggering number of bizarre stuff in this game that you can purchase and sell. The hang glider is one of the items that can make you super rich when you sell it.

Although, it is the most interesting and amazing thing in Dinkum. You can learn how to find the Glider in Dinkum by reading the following information.

Dinkum: How To Find Glider

This hang glider is located in the deep mine of the Dungeon. The player would likely need to unlock roughly 60 key rooms in the dungeon itself in order to find this.

You should be aware that you can eventually run out of keys to unlock the hang glider. It is a highly rare item that is considerably more valuable than you might think.

You need to practice jumping a few times before using a hang glider to feel flying while hanging from a hang glider. Then, you should jump once more after reaching the desired height.

Its ability to make you float your day away is its coolest feature. You may simply keep doing it for days without becoming tired of it. The hang glider can be used to jump from any location of your choice.

Make sure you always jump from a set height if you want to have a fantastic hang gliding experience. You can see farther around you when using a hang glider. It is the most fascinating and distinctive item in Dinkum.

Finding this glider has two advantages for you. Either you can use it and have a great time, or you can sell it and make a lot of money. A hang glider can be sold in John’s store in Dinkum if you choose to sell it.

Anyone can make as much money as they can at this shop, especially those who are just starting out, by gathering everything they can to sell to John in order to pay off their debts and other obligations. 

Additionally, John always gives you such a wonderful bargain for the thing you wish to sell, as you may get roughly 440.000 golden coins for the hang glider over here.

As you advance through the game, you will unlock additional stores, residences, and other locations to buy from and sell to; but at the moment you enter the game it is the first shop that is accessible to you. This shop remained in the game from the very beginning of your Dinkum journey.