Dinkum: How To Craft Animal Trap

July 16, 2022
You need the Animal Trap, then let’s craft it!

Dinkum is the right game for those who find their relaxation in farming and crafting because in this you can craft every item that you need while working on the awesome workbenches. You can learn different types of crafting and improve your personal skills.

In this guide, we will show you How TO Craft Animal Trap.

Dinkum: How To Craft Animal Trap

Before you start to craft your animal trap, you will need a Trapping licence. To get the trapping license you will have to go to Fletch located in the camp base, talk to her and apply for the licence.

From the list of licences, you can find and learn the Trapping Licence for only 500 Dinks.

Once you obtain the Trapping Licence, automatically will receive a new crafting recipe, Animal Collection Point, and a Simple Animal Trap.

In order to craft the Simple Animal Trap, you will need a few ingredients:

  • 1 Tin Bas
  • 8 Mangrove Stick
  • 1 Old Spring

Get all the ingredients and just click Craft.

After you are done crafting, you can place your animal trap outside, and wait overnight. The next day you might find some animal trapped inside. Just go to your trap and pick it up, then bring it back to your already placed Animal Collection.