Dinkum: Chickens

Published: 22 Jul 2022
Time to raise those cute baby chooks and get some tasty eggs!

Dinkum is an animal crossing-inspired game where you can build your own home, explore forests and grow various things on your farm. This guide will tell you how to get chickens in the game.

Dinkum: Chickens

Raising chickens on your farm in the game will allow you to get some tasty eggs for free. In order to get these chickens, you will need to purchase a Handling License for 1000 permit points from Fletch.

Next, you will need to construct a bird coop so that your chickens have a place to stay and don’t wander away on their own. For crafting this bird coop, you will need 4 Copper Bars,4 Spinifex Tuft,2 Tin Sheets,3 Gum Wood Planks and 4 Nails.

You will also need to buy an animal feeder as well as some animal food so that these chickens can stay healthy and grow up.

Make sure to fence this bird coop so that these chickens don’t run away.

Now it’s time to visit Irwin and purchase some Baby Chooks for 5000 Dinks. Place these baby chickens inside the bird coop and watch them grow. Remember to feed and take care of them from time to time. The more time you will spend with them, the more your friendship level increase.

Once these baby chickens grow up into adult chickens, they will start laying eggs that you can either sell, trade or eat to restore your energy.

Do note that other animals can kill your chickens if they roam outside your bird coop and these chickens will be then turned into meat. You can then cook these meats and either eat or sell them to get some Dinks.

That’s it, now go ahead and raise those chickens to get some free eggs!