Dinkum Beginners Guide: How to Catch Fish

Published: 16 Jul 2022
Let’s learn How to Catch Fish in Dinkum!

Dinkum is the right game for those who find their relaxation in farming and crafting. You can learn different types of jobs by learning specific licenses such as farming, crafting, mining and also the Fishing.

This guide will show you How to Catch Fish in Dinkum!

Dinkum Beginners Guide: How to Catch Fish

First what you need to do before starting fishing is to learn the Fishing licence from Fletch.

After you get the licence, you can go to John’s Stand or the Shop depending on how far you are in the game, and buy your Fishing Rod. It will cost only 1260 coins.

The next step is to go by the nearest water source and look for some fish in the water.

If you want to cast your fishing rod just click left click, or if you want to cast it further away into the water, just hold on to the left click slightly to charge it, and throw it slightly further and further.

When you cast it close to a fish, they will swim towards it. First they will nibble on it a little bit and once you notice the water splashing, then just left click to start the fishing mini game.

At first, don’t do anything while the fish is swimming away and it’s startled, and splashing away. Do not reel in this point because if you do, you will see a sort of a stamina bar on the right side of the screen that goes down which is basically your line breaking or just losing the fish.

Instead of doing that, just wait for the fish to calm down a little bit, once it has stopped splashing and swimming away, then you reel it in and you will catch it.