Digimon Survive: Walkthrough Part 1

July 31, 2022
Let’s go through and check the Walkthrough Part 1 in Digimon Survive!

Digimon is a newly Virtual adventure game where players will follow the story in the game while finding and catching Digimon in order to fight other Digimon. In the very beginning, you will have a chance to befriend your first Digimon named Agumon and continue the amazing journey with him in Digimon Survive.

This guide will show you the whole Walkthrough Part 1 in Digimon Survive.

Digimon Survive: Walkthrough Part 1

This part continues from the prologue of the game, where you will hear the scream of Minoru from the shrine, and this is the moment when part 1 will begin where Takuma and Agumon will run towards the shrine located in the forest.

In the woods, you will come to Minoru and Aoi who are going to be terrified by a creature. At this point, Gotsumon will appear and also two more Digimon will show up, then Minoru will run towards the shrine leaving Aoi alone in the forest with one Digimon.

After that, Takuma and Agumon will head to the location of the shrine where they will hear a scream of Minoru, and Agumon will notice that Gotsumon is nearby, but also it is going to attack Minoru and Takuma will have three choices to choose which are:

  • “Run Away”.
  • “Watch and wait”.
  • “Save Minoru”.

Don’t worry about choosing any answer to this, because whatever you choose, Falcomon will come and fight Gotsumon in order to save Minoru. After that, you will also fight against Gotsumon together with Falcomon, and at the same time, Agumon will join the battle with you.

Once the battle is done, Minoru will thank you for saving him, and then Aoi will come to the shrine and you will get two actions to choose from:

  • “I’ll ask Minoru”
  • “Better talk to Aoi”

Make sure to select talking with one of the characters and then Takuma will ask one Digimon for the location of the school in the Shrine. After that, Agumon will ask the school for and once again there will be three choices for Takuma:

  • “Answer Vaguely”
  • “Answer Directly”
  • Focus on first-aid”

By choosing any of the answers, Agumon won’t understand the answer and Takuma will explain that they need to get inside in order to take care of Labramon.

After the short dialogue, they will head to the school where will find Labramon fallen on the ground. Now, Aoi will try to find help from the nurse’s office and get first-aid kit. After using the first-aid kit, Labramon will suddenly feel better and all characters will start wondering what happened there in the school.

There will be one more scream coming from the second floor. Everyone will run there and Agumon will tell you that it is Ryo who is screaming from the classroom in the school. The reason why Ryo was screaming is that it saw some ghosts and heard strange noises in the room. After that, Minoru will want to take pictures to check if there is something unnatural.

They will have another dialogue, and after that Takumi will talk to every character in the room and take pictures in the room. Suddenly the room will change and there will be webs everywhere.

Once they check the pictures, Aoi will be gone from the room and Ryo will insist that he saw a monster taking her out.

Now, you will have to split out, and Takuma will get another two options to choose:

  • “Exercise some caution”
  • “Hurry up and Save Aoi”

Whatever you choose, everyone will start looking for Aoi and you will unlock the map and location of the school on your World Map.

Now, you will have a chance to find Betamon, and there will be a tutorial on how to Befriend any Digimon, and that is how you will Befriend Betamon.

From here, you will need to go and explore every room in the school area and then on your map will appear a hexagonal symbol with a sign in it. Make your way to the location and talk to Ryo in the classroom. While talking, you will hear the piano playing from the music room, and then you will continue there, but the door won’t be able to open, and must find a way to go through the gym.

Here you will find Labramon telling you that she can sense Aoi inside the Gym. When you try to get into the gym, the door will be locked and Takuma will get the following two choices:

  • “Maybe I’ll keep quiet”
  • “I should talk to her”

No matter what you choose, Labramon will try to find any way to get inside the gym but it will be unsuccessful.

Now, you might not know what to do next, but all you need to do is to open the map and make your way to the Faculty Room where you will find Lebramon trying to find any other way. Once again you have to choose from the three choices:

  • “Be cheerful”
  • “Prioritize next steps”
  • Comfort her quilty”

Choose any of the options, and then go to the Toilet where Agumon will tell Takuma that he is feeling something. You will have to look on the top on the right side where you will find an open ceiling. You will use the ceiling to pass and come to the music room.

In the music room, you will find two kids, who will tell you about the monster and show you how to get to the gym going through the cafeteria. At this point, before you go to the gym, you will have to choose again from the following actions:

  • “We’ll be just fine”
  • “Are you gonna fight”
  • “Will you two be okay”

Once you choose any option, Takuma and Agumon will go straight to the cafeteria and everyone will be there already. They will find the secret path that leads to the gym and all of you will go there.

Surprisingly, you will find Aoi in the gym wrapped in the webs. Now, Dokugumon will come in the gym and a big fight will begin.

During the fight, you have to choose 4 Digimon, and Agumon will evolve itself and become stronger. The fight will end with Agumon defeating Dokugumon, and Aoi will be saved.

After the fight, you all go back to the cafeteria and continue sleeping in the school. Now Ryo will say that you should see the ghosts, and once you tell him about the two ghost kids, Ryo will point to the ghost behind Takuma and all of them will start screaming. This is the end of Part 1.