Digimon Survive: How To Enable Auto Battle & Skip Battle

July 31, 2022
Check out this guide to enable auto battles in Digimon Survive!

Digimon Survive combines elements of a hybrid visual novel and tactical RPG where players are required to survive a mysterious world full of dangerous monsters and deadly battles.

This guide will tell you how to enable auto battle and skip battle in the game.

Digimon Survive: How To Enable Auto Battle & Skip Battle

While most players are interested in the combat experiences offered by games such as Digimon Survive, often the entire process can become very repetitive and boring.

So, if you wish to save yourself the hassle of planning every combat move in the game then you can take advantage of the auto-battle option.

Simply start any battle and open the menu to enable the auto-battle option.

Here you can select any of the strategies that you would like to adopt during battle such as Destroy, Full Power, Cautious, Cooperate and Focus Fire.

The Destroy strategy will focus the attention on attack skills to target enemies that are closest to you whereas the Full Power will add an proactive evolution to implement the destroy strategy in full force.

The cautious strategy adds some recovery skills to use the destroy tactic with caution and Cooperate will help you stay closer to your allies making the backup battle easier to activate. Last but not least is the Focus Fire strategy which uses one on one combat to target individual enemies.

After you choose the strategy of your choice, the game will use it to complete the rest of the battle hence allowing you to skip the battle without any input.This is pretty useful if you are bored or simply tired of the combat process and only wish to see the result.

That’s it, now go ahead and enable auto battle to skip battles in Digimon Survive!