Digimon Survive: Digivolution Guide

Published: 31 Jul 2022
Here you can learn how to Digivolve in Digimon Survive!

Digimon Survive is full of battles and some of them can be a real challenge for you. In order to win the battles, you will have to evolve your Digimons, and if you don’t know how to do it, here is everything you need to learn about Digivolution.

This guide will show all you need to know about Digivolution in Digimon Survive.

Digimon Survive: Digivolution Guide

There are two possible ways in Digimon Survive to Digivolve your Digimon:

  • Being a partner Digimon can digivolve mid-battle
  • Befriend Digimon with power of slabs

Digivolution for Partner Digimon

Partner Digimon is able to digivolve and undigivolve whenever they want in mid-battle. It just needs to have the specific amount of SP needed to maintain the particular form, or it will go back to its first rookie form.

Evolving of the Digimon also depends on the type of Digimon that players are using. Digimon who is automatically befriend as Agumon, Falcomon, Labramon, and the rest, will Digivolve as part of the main story. Like this, players can select their forms in the battle for a specific amount of SP.

Also, you can undigivolve the Digimon to its rookie form anytime in the battle to conserve more SP. Have to know that a partner Digimon who hasn’t performed any moves or attacks will automatically regain a decent amount of SP for the next stage.

Players have the ability to evolve their free Digimon at the end of Part 1, once Agumon digivolve for the first time. Once you have the necessary items, you can go to the Stats menu and select a Digimon, then in the Evolution tab just select the desired form.

Digivolution for other Digimon

In Digimon Survive you can find also a recruitable Digimons, and for them, you need an Enlightenment Slab to permanently digivolve. The slabs can be found in chests during major chapter battles or as hidden items by using your camera.

The process of digivolution with Enlightenment Slab is as followed:

  1. Open menu and go to Status.
  2. Select the Digimon that you want to digivolve.
  3. Go to the Evolution tab.
  4. Select the form of the Digimon that you want to evolve.

You have to choose well, because they can also undigivolve as your partner digimons.