Diablo Immortal: How to Join Shadows (Dark Clan)

Published: 9 Jun 2022
Check out this guide to find out how you can become a member of the Dark Clan in Diablo Immortal!

Diablo Immortal is a game with a ton of features that you can mess around with, including different clans, pieces of equipment, and event events that are related with different players. Some of these clans have their own lottery system which can come beneficial for future gaming adventures in Diablo Immortal.

This guide will show you how you can join the Shadows Clan in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal: How to Join Shadows (Dark Clan)

What is the Shadows Clan?

A Shadow clan is a unique clan, similar to the regular clan, the requirements for it are slightly higher and there are multiple events, missions, and challenges that you can do to level up your Shadow Clan Rank and get buffed character status effects.

How to get in the Shadows Clan

The Shadows Clan will require you to be at least level 43 and allow you to make an application which can determine if you are worthy of joining the Shadow Clan.


The Ranking System in the Shadow Clan is giant. You will obtain Marks which are points that can level up your Shadow Clan Rank. Completing Contracts and Daily Quests given from the Shadow Clan will help you get more and more marks which will level up your Shadow Clan Rank.

Here is a list of all available Shadow Clan ranks and their status effect buffs:

  • Hunter I (Damage & Defense Increase = +13.0%)
  • Hunter II (Damage & Defense Increase = +14.0%)
  • Hunter III (Damage & Defense Increase = +15.0%)
  • Hunter IV (Damage & Defense Increase = +16.0%)
  • Blade I (Damage & Defense Increase = +17.0%)
  • Blade II (Damage & Defense Increase = +18.0%)
  • Blade III (Damage & Defense Increase = +19.0%)
  • Blade IV (Damage & Defense Increase = +20.0%)
  • Phantom I (Damage & Defense Increase = +21.0%)
  • Phantom II (Damage & Defense Increase = +22.0%)
  • Phantom III (Damage & Defense Increase = +23.0%)
  • Phantom IV (Damage & Defense Increase = +24.0%)
  • Unseen I (Damage & Defense Increase = +25.0%)
  • Unseen II (Damage & Defense Increase = +26.0%)
  • Unseen III (Damage & Defense Increase = +27.0%)
  • Unseen IV (Damage & Defense Increase = +28.0%)
  • Whisper I (Damage & Defense Increase = +29.0%)
  • Whisper II (Damage & Defense Increase = +30.0%)
  • Whisper III (Damage & Defense Increase = +31.0%)
  • Whisper IV (Damage & Defense Increase = +32.0%)

Donating to the clan will get you even more rewards that can help you level up your Shadow Clan Rank. Also, try to complete various events together with your Clan Members and get the higher rank possible to ensure that you will be strong and defeat enemies and players in various events in Diablo Immortal.