Diablo Immortal: How to get Wings

Diablo Immortal is an interesting game that is packed with a ton of items and content. In this game, you can customize your character to look unique from others. Having a set of wings will surely make you stand out from the crowd and raise some eyebrows.

This guide will show you how to get wings in Diablo Immortal!

Diablo Immortal: How to get Wings

To obtain wings, you need to donate in the shop and get legendary gems and obtain resonance. When you get to 1000, you will unlock the tier 1 wings, which are smaller wings.

There is different tiers of wings that you can attach to your character, depending on how much resonance you have. It may cost up to 300-400 dollars for you to get the appropriate amount of legendary gems, apply them on your equipment and get resonance points.

If you have the points, go to your cosmetics, select on one of the sets and you will be able to see the set of wings.

The highest tier of wings is tier 5. For this one, you will need to have collected 5000 resonance points in order to unlock them. You can get these the same way as you would reach tier one, donate in game or play for legendary gems which will take a lot of time.

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