Diablo Immortal: Crusader Guide | Crusader Build & Leveling Guide

Published: 1 Jun 2022
This Diablo Immortal Crusader guide will take you through everything you need to know about the class including Leveling and Builds!

Developed and Published by Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo Immortal is an MMORPG that embarks on a journey to tell a story between Diablo II and Diablo III. The game officially comes out on June 2, 2022. Blizzard is known for their amazing design and this game doesn’t disappoint. So, what is Crusader and what are the best leveling and build strategies? Let’s find out.

Diablo Immortal Crusader Guide | Crusader Build & Leveling Guide

What is Crusader in Diablo Immortal?

Crusader is one of the playable classes in Diablo Immortal. It revolves around Area-of-Effect damage. Most of the skills for this class are based on massive AoE damage and controlling effects. It is a tanky class with high mobility. While all of this seems too good to be true, it also has some disadvantages.

Being the AoE damage dealer, Crusader doesn’t perform well against a single target. So, it’s not the best class for PvP. Also, at the moment, most of Crusader’s skills have a high cooldown. So, if you’re playing in a group, you can sometimes feel useless because of the CD.

Crusader Leveling Guide

Crusader is one of the most fun and easiest characters to level up as. There are many different ways to level up in Diablo Immortal and we’ll talk about them all, starting with the Equipment.

Diablo Immortal is carefully made ensuring the best accessibility for players. Whenever you get equipment that is better than your current one, your bag icon will start flashing. Head over to your inventory and equip anything with a green arrow on it. As for the rest, you can salvage them at the Blacksmith.

Battle Pass is one of the best ways to level up faster in any MMORPG game and Diablo Immortal is no different. Buying a BP can provide you with a Legendary Item that can boost your skills and give you an edge over others. It is recommended to pick Pavise of Ten Wings as your first Legendary item.

Gems are another set of items that you get as you level up that makes your power even stronger. Furthermore, after progressing in the game, you can unlock Daily Rewards at Level 41 which will help you level up faster.

And finally, the best way to level up in the game is by finishing all the main quest and the side quest while doing your Liar runs at the same time. The story is an essential part of Diablo and hence, a lot of XP and progression is locked behind it.

Best Build for Crusader in Diablo Immortal

The skillset in Diablo Immortal consists of 5 skills in total. One of these skills is your primary attack while others serve as cooldown-based secondary skills. Initially, Crusader starts off with a primary and three Secondary Skills. Here is the best skill set for Crusaders for both farming and progressing the game.

Primary Skill

Punish – Punish is one of the two primary skills available for Crusader. While using this, the character strikes an enemy for a certain amount of damage and also gains Hardened Senses that increase your Block Chance by 30% for 2 seconds.

During the Ultimate, Punish is enhanced for 12 seconds. In this enhanced version, the ability deals more damage with each hit and increases the Block chance even further. It also provides the character with a shield, making them even tankier.

Secondary Skills

Here’s the best set of secondary skills available for Crusader. As mentioned earlier, the class suffers from a high CD so make sure you don’t use all your skills at once.

  • Draw and Quarter – This is probably one of the most important and the coolest skills for the Crusader. When activated, it allows the player to ride a horse for 6 seconds pulling all the enemies touched behind the horse with chains. It increases your movement speed and removes all movement reduction effects.
  • Spinning Sheild – Hurls a shield in front of you dealing damage to all the enemies in the way. The shield then returns to you dealing damage to enemies again and pulling them towards you. It can contain up to 3 charges. The Legendary item mentioned earlier can power up this skill even further.
  • Consecration – Consecrate the ground around you, dealing a huge amount of damage to enemies for the next 6 seconds.
  • Condemn – Charges for 3 seconds to build up an explosion that deals a massive amount of damage to enemies around you. It can be activated before the complete 3-second charge to deal lesser damage.

That is all for this Crusader Leveling and Skills guide. Hope this article was helpful and enjoy the game on June 2, 2022.