Diablo Immortal Class Guide: What Class to Play? Tier List

Published: 2 Jun 2022
This guide will help you select the most suited class for you among the six classes in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal is a game that deals with the storyline between Diablo II and Diablo III. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, this MMORPG consists of six different classes namely Crusader, Monk, Necromancer, Wizard, Demon Hunter, and Barbarian. It can be really hard to choose the best class for yourself and this guide aims at making that easier.

Diablo Immortal Class Guide: What Class to Play? Tier List

First of all, it is worth mentioning that none of the classes in Diablo Immortal is bad. All of them are great and have their uses and advantages. Although, some of them might outshine the others because of their usage and agility.

This guide will contain a general tier list of all the classes first, and later on, we will mention the best classes to use in specific instances like Raiding, PvE, PvP, or leveling up. It will also contain a general overview of every character which can help you find the most suitable class.

Class Tier List – Diablo Immortal

In this general tier list, we will rate the characters based on their damage, support capabilities, usage, flexibility, and many more similar traits. The tier list will be in descending order featuring the most usable class first and going down to less usable classes.


Crusader is one of the most popular classes in Diablo Immortal. Not only does it have the best movement among all of them, but the Crusader is also extremely tanky with great crowd control skills. This class specializes in melee AoE damage. It contains one of the stronger skills, that is, Draw and Order. This lets you ride a horse while dragging enemies behind you.

We all know how good can tanky heroes be if they contain both mobility and crowd control. Although, Crusader’s skill cooldown is extremely high and they can be rendered useless if the skills aren’t used with caution. This class is great for farming, PvE, and PvP with a diverse choice of skills.

Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter class has returned to Diablo Immortal from Diablo III. Being another one of the famous classes among players, Demon Hunters display true agility and positioning while dishing out an insane amount of AoE and single target damage. This class has the highest single target damage while also having great AoE.

Demon Hunter is also one of the hardest classes to master because it requires a lot of positioning. Their skills allow them to move while shooting and produce a smoke screen if they are in trouble. But usually, once a Demon Hunter player gets caught, it gets really hard to escape. This is the perfect class for farming and PvP.


As the name suggests, Barbarian is the savage class in Diablo Immortal. Showcasing one of the greatest mobility, the Barbarian is the initiator in the game. No matter if you’re solo or in a group, you will always be the first one to charge in, and also the first one to die if your team is incompetent.

The Barbarian also contains a huge set of crowd controlling skills. While dishing out insane AoE damage, you can also protect your squishy teammates and keep the enemies pinned down. The only reason this class is third in this tier list is because of its limited use. Barbarian is great for fast farming and PvP, but that’s about it.


Necromancer is the lord of the dead. Possessing a great about of AoE and Crowd Controlling skills, they also showcase a large number of minions that can both take and deal a huge amount of damage. Necromancer has one of the best buffs for raids. This class requires a lot of strategies and it can kind of feel powerless without the minions.

One of the biggest downsides of this class is its lack of mobility. In a game where you constantly need to avoid enemies, this factor can make Necromancer a liability. Overall, this is one of the most good-looking classes in the game but it could be especially hard to play as a Necromancer solo.


Wizard is the mage of Diablo Immortal. It is entirely dependent on spell-casting. This also makes Wizard one of the most satisfying classes to play. Playing with various different skills and finding the perfect set that has a great synergy with each other, along with the ability to skill shot makes this class very pleasing to play as.

Sadly, at the same time, this is also the downside of a Wizard. As a skill-dependent character, they have an especially long cooldown. While they can be played as a close-range mage, they lack the tankiness required to do so. Moreover, it can be extremely hard to play this class solo.


Monk is like an Assassin in Diablo Immortal. The weapon for this class is their overpowered fist. It can unleash a barrage of punches on a bunch of enemies together, even though they lack in single-target damage. Monk has one of the most dynamic combats in the game where a player will need to stay attentive throughout the battle.

The main reason for monk to be listed at the bottom is the lack of skill variety. This class hardly has any choice in their builds making them repetitive to play. Moreover, they take a lot of damage being a melee range character. Apart from that, Monk provides decent buffs to your party when playing in a group.

While we listed all the characters in this general tier list, some of the characters listed below are still very usable and can excel above all the other classes in certain situations. So, to highlight that fact, we will discuss what classes are the best in certain scenarios.

Best Classes for PvE

PvE is an important part of Diablo Immortal. You will not be fighting other players most of the time unless you chose to do so. Demon Hunter and Crusader are the best classes that outshine in PvE because of their movement, agility, and crowd control abilities. Each of these three classes can deal with hoards of enemies alone.

Best Classes for PvP

Nobody can deny the fact that PvP is an important part of the Diablo franchise, including Diablo Immortal. Crusader and Barbarian are the best classes for PvP followed by Monk and Necromancer. Demon Hunter can turn out to be a liability in PvP due to her lack of abilities to protect herself.

Best Classes for Farming

Farming is the most important aspect of the game. If you want to be the strongest among your friends and other players, you have to grind the game hard. Demon Hunter, Barbarian, and Crusader are arguably the top options for fast farming. Their mobility and massive damage skills can make farming much easier.

Best Classes for Raids

Demon Hunter and Necromancer are the best ones for raids followed by Wizard due to their buffs during the raids. Necromancer has a specifically useful set of buffs during raids. While raids aren’t the most integral part of the game, they are still important and cannot be ignored.