Diablo Immortal: Best Ways To Get Legendary Items (For Free)

Published: 9 Jun 2022
Want to obtain some free Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal? Check out this guide.

Diablo Immortal is a game where having one of the best pieces of equipment is key for winning fights and completing missions which require you to kill bosses, or sometimes even compete against other players in various events. Some of these legendary gear pieces are hard to come by and will require you to pay for them.

This guide will show you how to get free legendary items in Diablo Immortal!

Diablo Immortal: Best Ways To Get Legendary Items (For Free)

Hiltz Trader

One of the more common ways of getting free Legendary Items, is by heading over to the Hiltz Trader and purchase a Weekly Mystery Legendary Item.

It will cost your 1600 per legendary item which you can every week. After purchasing the item, another tab will pop up and show you the item that you’ve received.

As you continue playing the game, you will also unlock the Purchase Mystery Legendary Item which will also grant you legendary equipment that can be purchased for another 1600.

Rarities & Antiquities

Moving over to one of these shops that can be found in the big cities will allow you to spend Gold Tokens and purchase one of the four pieces of free to play equipment:

  • Mystery Weapon
  • Mystery Primary Armor
  • Mystery Secondary Armor
  • Mystery Jewelry

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass in this game is split into two sections:

  • Purchased
  • Free to Play

The purchased section will grant you more unique rewards as you complete challenges, but if you head over and complete challenges efficiently, you will also be able to get legendary items from the battle pass rewards.


Warbands are something that you can join and borrow items from the Warband Stash, your warband will sometimes place legendary items that you can borrow and hold until you are with them. These can help you obtain more stat points and win different battles.


Competing in Dungeons and completing them will sometimes grant you bonus loot which is a mysterious legendary piece. It’s recommended that you use the dungeons if you are very low on legendary items.

The great part about dungeons is that you can do them over and over again. If you decide to go in a dungeon and farm it constantly, you may end up with fully equipping your character with legendary equipment without paying anything at all.

Challenge Rift

The Challenge Rift is a great place to get some extra materials, legendary items, and rewards overall. Compete in all of the highest difficulty rifts possible to gain higher quality loot, and even sometimes get a guaranteed mystery legendary piece of equipment.

Shadow Contracts

You can select Solo or Dungeon Shadow Contracts to complete and obtain various rewards which can sometimes be legendary pieces of equipment, and a giant EXP boost. A great method of leveling up quickly and getting legendary pieces as you level up.

Those are some of the ways that you can obtain Free-To-Play Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal!