Diablo 4: Crushed Beast Bones Location (Farming)

June 4, 2023
Time to see how you can locate the Crushed Beast Bones for farming in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 keeps coming out with different updates and even more content. An amazing RPG where you get to roam different maps and complete quests until you’ve finally made it to the magnificent Diablo and end his wrath. You can choose between different classes and enjoy different play styles.

This guide will show you where you can locate the Crushed Beast Bones for farming in Diablo 4.

Crushed Beast Bones Location (Farming)

To get Crushed Beast Bones you need to go around the map and fight against mini bosses.

There is one specific place that you can go to and farm one boss over and over again until you’ve obtained your desired amount of Crushed Beast Bones.

The mini-boss that you need to fight is called Gaspar Stilbian. Upon killing this monster, you will gain 5 Crushed Beast Bones.

If you want to find Gaspar, you need to make your way to the east side of the Cerrigar area.

Once you’re at this area, you will find the mini boss and engage him.

To farm this mini boss you will need to re-log multiple times until you’ve managed to make him respawn again.

Whenever the boss has been respawned, feel free to attack him again and farm your Crushed Beast Bones.

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