Diablo 4 Closed Beta Is About To End; Public Testing To Start In 2023

November 4, 2022
More players will have the opportunity to try out the game next year

Though select players have had an opportunity to get their hands on the highly-anticipated Diablo 4 game via its closed beta, this window is reportedly about to close very soon. That said, it has also been reported that public testing for the game is set to start next year, giving more players the chance to try out the highly-anticipated title.

Diablo 4 Closed Beta Is About To End; Public Testing To Start In 2023

According to the in-game patch notes of Diablo 4, the closed beta is ending two weeks from now, on November 18th.

While admittedly at its tail end, players who haven’t been invited yet may still have a chance to receive late access and enjoy experiencing the game much earlier than most albeit for just a short period.

Those who miss out on it, however, shouldn’t despair too much as the developers of the game have announced that public testing is set to commence in early 2023.

Player reception for the upcoming Diablo series sequel has been a mixed bag so far.

While most players are impressed with the direction the series is going with this one, there have been several complaints about the inconsistent scaling on the endgame dungeons as well as less-than-stellar difficulty spikes.

That being said, the very purpose of a closed beta period is to figure out where the title’s problems lie and fix them taking into consideration the feedback of those that participated.

Though in-game footage of the Diablo 4 closed beta has been few and far between due to the NDA agreement prohibiting players from sharing any videos or screenshots of the game, it can be assumed that such limitations will now be lifted in the upcoming public beta.

Diablo 4 is slated to release next year for all major platforms. Blizzard Entertainment is yet to announce the game’s official release date.