Destiny 2: Ultimate Season 19 Prep Guide

Destiny 2 is a great FPS multiplayer game where you get to enjoy many dungeon fights, raid bosses, and even fight in events against different players that have various abilities and equipment pieces. During your time in Destiny 2, you will notice that many seasons change as time goes on. This is due to new content being added and keeping the game up to date. Having a good season prep is great if you want to have good performance.

This guide will show you the best way to make a season prep for Season 19 in Destiny 2.

Ultimate Season 19 Prep Guide

The most important thing to keep an eye on are weekly bounties. These weekly bounties will give you great rewards that you can do once a week. Make sure to collect those whenever you can.

You can complete weekly challenges at 4 different NPCs, they are:

  • Petra Venj (Dreaming City)
  • Shaw Han (Cosmodrome)
  • Variks The Loyal (Europa)
  • Eris Morn (Moon)

These 4 vendors will sell you weekly bounties which you can complete and earn great rewards.

Make sure to complete all of the weekly bounties so you can get the ascendant challenges that will also give you some extra XP.

Weeklies will give you 12.000 XP, and dailies will grant you 6,000 XP. Make sure to also do the dailies if you want to progress much quicker than the rest of the competition.

Don’t do repeatable quests as they only give 3,000 XP and are just a waste of time. Stick to the weekly and daily ones.

That’s about it, keep grinding, do your challenges and quests non-stop and you will become one of the best players in Season 19 in Destiny 2!