Destiny 2: Sever Reconciliation Quest Guide

June 1, 2022
The Sever Reconciliation quest is giving so many players trouble in Destiny 2. Time to fix it!

Destiny 2 is a fantasy shooter game that has had the most recent update with the newest Duality dungeon and new content. The Sever Reconciliation quest is one of the newer quests that will take you through waves of monsters and obstacles. It may be a pain to complete for some players, not to worry.

This guide will show you how to complete the Sever Reconciliation quest in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Sever Reconciliation Quest Guide

The Sever Reconciliation quest can be found in the Moon realm on the west side of the Anchor of Light. Press on that quest and you will be given instructions on how it’s played.

When you click on the quest, you will notice 3 affixes that are going to be present during this run. They are:

  • Empath (Take increased damage from melee monsters)
  • Attrition (Regeneration is impaired. Defeating enemies may create wells of Light)
  • Ashes to Ashes (Dealing damage with solar weapons will apply scorch to enemies, enemies also can apply scorch to you and deal explosive damage)

Simply press “Launch” to begin the quest.

Once you begin the mission, you will find yourself in the Leviathan’s Underbelly.

Get to the marked area of the mission and you will begin the first wave monster encounter. Your duty is to place the solar amplifiers en route to the severance site.

You will find a broken gate that has some green lights coming out of it. Get close to it for it to open and shoot the light sockets.

After that is completed, you will need to find a small circular pipe where you can enter and crawl through. Crawling through the pipe will get you to your next quest mark.

On the entrance to your quest mark, you will see a strange object that you can shoot.

Shoot the object and get inside the area where the objective mark is. Once you are there, you will obtain a new objective which is Survive and Restore Power.

When that objective is completed, go to your next marked area and a small dialog will begin.

After this small dialog, you’re going to infiltrate the underbelly armory deck. Head to your next objective mark

After your long talk with the giant destroyed robot, a mark will be spotted. Continue moving towards the mark and make sure you have destroyed one more strange object to have the ability to pass through the spikes.

The next objective that you will prepare for is obtaining the Psion Decryption Keys from the guards that you kill. Each guard you kill will drop a Barrier Passcode Fragment which will gain the percentage of your objective.

Follow the next objective marker to continue the mission.

You will now need to begin the severance ritual with Crow. To complete this objective, you will simply need to follow the objective markers.

Once that process has been completed, the Nightmare of Fikrul will spawn which you need to kill. Once the Nightmate of Fikrul has been defeated, you will complete the mission and be able to collect the rewards from the chest.