Destiny 2: Secret New Event Guide

November 1, 2022
Check out this guide to see the latest updates on the newest secret event in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is a great fantasy RPG where you get to create a character and upgrade that same character throughout your journey. This online game continues to give the community various events, and some secret ones as well. At this period, Destiny 2 has given the community a secret event that they can participate in and obtain various rewards.

This guide will show you more about the newest secret event in Destiny 2.

Secret New Event Guide

Currently there is no official announcement from the developers of Destiny 2 about the name and the requirements for players to participate in this community event.

A good leak has been found by players about one of the requirements that developers have added to the game, which is the Eliskni Inspector.

Here you are required to investigate each of the Eliksni Quarter improvements.

There are a total of 10 quarters that need to be investigated, 7 of those 10 have currently been revealed, they are:

  • Community Goal I: Cleanup
  • Community Goal II: The Ether Tank
  • Community Goal III: Comforts
  • Community Goal IV: Recruits
  • Community Goal V: Housing
  • Community Goal VI: Garden
  • Community Goal VII: Town Square

The main priority and the last one is the Town Square. You need to upgrade the Town Square by collecting Captain’s Coins which can be earned by completing:

  • Expedition Activities
  • Destination Chests
  • Lost Sectors
  • Public Events
  • Kings Full Raid

So far that is the information we know about the community event, try to complete these challenges that are given to you to save up some time for when the full community event is released for everyone to be the first one that gets the rewards.