Destiny 2: PVE Subclass Tier List

Published: 21 Jun 2022
Check out this PVE sub-class tier list for Destiny 2!

Destiny 2 has a good amount of sub-classes that you can choose for each fight. Some of these sub-classes are better than others, which is what makes them unique from each other. Knowing what the best classes are will surely help you win more fights and have the upper hand against the enemy.

This guide will show you the best PVE Sub-Class tier list in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: PVE Subclass Tier List


The Arcstrider is one of the worst sub-classes that you can use for PVE. He will still get the job done like killing monsters and completing objectives. But the efficiency of his work is not the best.


The Sunbreaker is a sub-class that is slightly better than the Arcstrider. The playstyle of this sub-class is similar as the previous sub-class. It will still get the job done by clearing adds.


The Stormcaller sub-class is slowly making its way to becoming a great and fun sub-class to play with. This electrifying sub-class will have the ability to electrocute almost anyone when it shoots the ground upon killing an enemy. AOE damage for this class is the best!


The striker is a complex sub-class which will require you to have an exact set to have in order for it to be great in fights and completely dominate the battlefield against enemies.

The Striker can allow himself to jump towards bosses like they are regular mobs and still defeat them easily.


Revenant is a sub-class that has a bunch of skills in the skill tree that you can switch around and make different types of play styles. Checking out what each skill does and combining them together will surely make a great power punching sub-class!


The Voidwalker is a sub-class that has not been touched since Destiny 2. This sub-class has a ton of damage, health and it can survive many fights without a problem whatsoever. The class is great for both running in parties or solo fights.


This is a hard-to-play sub-class but also a good one at the same time. The Gunslinger will require you to master the skill shots and once you’ve mastered them, you will kill bosses and tank monsters quite easily. This is by far the best DPS dealing sub-class out there.


This hunter sub-class varies between trapping enemies and dealing a ton of damage to a single target. This class is great as you can focus your damage on a higher-level monster while having different monsters trapped in one area and keep yourself safe for quite some time.


The Sentinel is the tank in the game. This sub-class will show you that dealing high amounts of damage is not always the way. As you progress through higher level dungeons, you will realize that keeping yourself and teammates alive for much longer is key.

This is what the Sentinel is all about. Buffing himself and his teammates with defensive abilities and shields.


This sub-class is by far one of the best in the game. The Dawnblade will require you to position yourself perfectly, create a ring where you and your teammates are getting constantly buffed and fight your way through the duality dungeon within that ring of buffs.

A melee damaging warrior-type class that will surely stay alive for much longer and slice through enemies like it’s butter.


At the end of the day. You can play whatever you like, this ranking list has been made starting from the worst to the best sub-class. As you play the duality dungeon, obtain the perfect pieces of equipment for all of these sub-classes.

All of the items that you can obtain from there can be found in the Duality Dungeon Loot Table.