Destiny 2: Maya’s Retreat Location

March 2, 2023
Check out this guide to find out what the exact location is of Maya’s Retreat.

The brand new DLC of Destiny 2 has just been released and with it, players got to enjoy a bunch of new content. Brand new missions as well as different pieces of equipment for you to try on and maybe change the meta of the game.

In this guide, we will show you where you can locate Maya’s Retreat.

Maya’s Retreat Location

To start your journey, you will need to head over to Neptune and go to the very south east part of the area.

There you will find a quest mark where you will need to locate the final data packet in Maya’s Retreat.

Once you get to the marked area on the map, you will enter a brand new zone filled with enemies. From that point on, your quest mark will change and require you to get to the upper part of the area where the exact data files are located.

Do be careful whenever you enter this area as there are different monsters who will try to kill you for trespassing.

Once you’ve gotten to the marked area, simply walk up to the waypoint and you will complete the mission.

And just like that, you will have Maya’s Retreat located and the mission completed for Destiny 2.

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