Destiny 2: Liar’s Handshake Build

July 13, 2022
A walkthrough for a Liar's Handshake Build in Destiny 2 can be found below.

First-person shooter video game Destiny 2 is a free-to-play online-only multiplayer title created by Bungie. It is also referred to as Destiny 2: New Light and Destiny: Guardians in Korea. One of the most exquisite Hunter ornaments in the game is Liar’s Handshake. Before we begin playing, let’s take a look at the construct for the liar’s handshake.

Destiny 2: Liar’s Handshake Build

LHS that is Liar’s Handshake is really built to survive the melee attacks. The player can obtain this gauntlet, which was first featured in season 6 of Destiny 2, from Xur or via the weekly exotic engram. Since it is a global drop exotic, the player can be fortunate and find them in the wilderness. 

Cross Counter: This is the special perk required to build Liar’s Handshake. The primary purpose of Cross Counter in the game is to protect the player from melee attacks.

The player by Using Arc melee ability or by getting hit by a melee attack follows up with an exceptionally potent melee counterpunch that will revive or heal you.

Furthermore, the healing burst has the power to out-heal almost everything that gets thrown in the player’s way, along with slamming the boss.

The players can also increase their reach by dodging before launching the strike, which consists of repeatedly using their melee. They may simply drag themselves back into melee reach and resume their “attack” if the boss knocks them away. All of this enables your comrades to attack the boss frantically in the meanwhile.

In light of how much attention the player must devote to the boss, it is not very powerful. However, if you haven’t tried it yet, you would surely do so. It’s very enjoyable. won’t pass away along with Cross Counter. When it comes to melee combat, building Liar’s Handshake really is there to save the player.