Destiny 2: Invincible Titan Build Guide

Published: 7 Jun 2022
Check out the Invincible Titan Build in Destiny 2!

There are three main classes in Destiny 2 – Hunter, Titan, and Warlock and each of them has additional four subclasses with their own perk trees, Aspects, and Fragments. The Titan is a Guardian class that specializes in armor but is very low in agility. They are equipped with suits of powered armor that boost their strength and endurance. They utilize their strength and skill with firearms to kill their enemies.

In this guide, we will show you the Invincible Titan Build in Destiny 2!

Destiny 2: Invincible Titan Build Guide

Starting with the exotic options, you have two options to buff your melee damage which is ultimately going to be your goal, because using the hammer just does a ton of damage, the first option is Synthoceps and the second option is Wormgod Caress.

Synthoceps is better for general play because you’re going to have the buff up way more often than Wormgod Caress. Also it’s a bit better because it doesn’t rely on getting kills and it’s going to be just active way more often.

For Wormgod Caress you have to get multiple kills and the buff isn’t going to last super long. The benefit of Wormgod Caress crust is that it is going to do a higher amount of damage per hit if you have it fully stacked up.

Obviously, Wormgod Caress can do a good amount of additional damage, but it requires getting three kills and it’s not going to have super long duration.

Talking about fragments and aspects, not all of them are important. First of all, for a melee, you can use the Throwing Hammer, for grenades you can use Fusion Grenade that attaches to targets, damaging and moderately scorching them on detonation.

The aspects are pretty obvious, you are going to use the Roaring Flames which will increase the damage of your hammer and Sol Invictus which will create sunspots anytime when you kill a scorch target.

When it comes to the fragments, Ember of Torches is the best choice, a powered melee attack against combatants. You can pair it well with Ember of Solace which increases the duration of both radiant and restoration.

In the artifact mod options, you can use many different ones depending upon the content you’re doing. The first option is Withering Heat which causes damage with a solar ability. It is going to weaken a champion and works perfectly with the build. It pairs perfectly with the Molten Overload.

For the primary slot, you can use the Riptide which is pretty good, and it’s the rapid-fire frame.

When it comes to the heavy slot, there are many options such as Ascendancy, Cataclysmic, Archon’s Thunder, Parasite, Tractor Cannon, and more.