Destiny 2 | How To Spawn Secret Tank

May 30, 2023
Learn how to spawn the hidden tank in Destiny 2!

The Destiny 2 Season of the Deep update has added plenty of new content to the game including weapons, gear and even a new secret tank. This tank can be spawned by solving a small puzzle and activating some consoles.

This guide will tell you how to summon a tank in Destiny 2.

How To Spawn Secret Tank

In order to summon the tank, you will need to explore the Ghosts of the Depths Dungeon. At the beginning of the dungeon, you can spawn a secret tank by finding and activating all 6 consoles in the area.

The first console can be found by going straight and then jumping towards the hill on your right. You will find it in a small pool of water where you can activate it by holding E.

To find the second console, get back on your hover jet and then go straight across the small river while sticking close to the edge of the cliffs.

You will soon find an entrance leading towards an underground basement in one of the hills. Head inside and then turn right to find the 2nd console.

Go straight from there and head into the right corner near the gate. You will be able to interact and activate the 3rd console.

Time to get back on your hoverjet and look for the 4th console, exit via the tunnel on your left and then go straight to head past the area with 4 yellow pillars. Soon you will enter the “New Pacific Arcology” restricted zone where you will find the fourth console on your right.

Ride your hoverjet and then turn left into the abandoned building. Descend from the hoverjet and you will find the 5th console lying in the corner on your left.

Last but not least is the 6th console which can be found turning around and then going straight off the cliff. Dodge the trees and the bushes in your way and you will soon reach the river shores. Here you will find the last console lying under the pillar of the bridge.

As soon as you activate all the consoles in the area, a large tank will spawn next to your character which you can use to travel around. It is a fun little easter egg for players who like to go the extra mile in finding hidden things in games.

That’s it, now go ahead and activate all the consoles to summon the tank!

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