Destiny 2: How To Sparrow Fly And Infinite Slipstream

February 10, 2023
Learn how to perform Sparrow Flying and Infinite Slipstream in Destiny 2!

Sparrow Flying and Infinite Slipstream are some of the most popular ways to get around the areas of Destiny 2. You just need to set up a couple of things before you get started with easy techniques however they can be really fun and engaging once you manage to master them.

This guide will tell you how to perform Sparrow Flying and Infinite Slipstream in the game.

How To Sparrow Fly And Infinite Slipstream – Destiny 2

How to learn Sparrow Flying

Before you get started with any of these flying techniques, you will need a Sparrow with the Destabilizers perk on it.

This will allows you to hold shift and WASD to manoeuvre the Sparrow around in the air.

However, if you have the Always on Time Sparrow then it will have a perk called Custom Drive which gives an extra boost that will allow you to perform extra dodge making it easy to learn Sparrow flying. You can find it at the Tower near Exotic Archive and you purchase it by accessing the Forsaken Exotics menu as the last option.

Next are the keybinds for the Sparrows which you can find in the keyboard/mouse section of the settings. The default keys are double-tapping A and D to dodge left and right however you can change them according to your preferences. Alternatively, you can also set it to Q and E if you want.

The best place to practice Sparrow Flying is the Arcadian Nessus where you can head over to The Cistern landing zone. Jump out from the spawn location and then you will be able to practice in the air.

The first step is to jump up and then wait till you are at the apex of your jump to summon the Sparrow.

Once your sparrow is out, this is where the Destabilizers will come into play and you will be able to rotate in the air by pressing Shift+A. You can rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on your preferences.

If you wish to spin counterclockwise then press the dodge input towards the right by pressing D.Just keep the rotations going and then try dodging to the left by pressing A.

Make sure to release the destabilizers when dodging in the air by letting go of the Shift key. Don’t rotate too fast and just tap Shift and A together to rotate the Sparrow. You will only have 5 to 6 dodges depending on whether you have if you have always on time or not and this will limit your height and how far you can go.

You can chain multiple rotations together by performing the rotations and then jumping off in the air to resummon your Sparrow. This will allow you to slowly go upwards as you rotate your Sparrow.

How to perform Infinite Slipstream

The Infinite Slipstream is different from a regular slipstream as normal slipstream uses vertical drops to cover a horizontal distance whereas the Infinite Slipstream allows you to cover much more distance while maintaining your height.

You can practice it from the same location where you learnt Sparrow Flying or if you want a new location then you can visit Hellmouth on The Moon.

Once you reach there, press Shift+S to get off the ledge and perform a backflip at an angle of 60 degrees as shown above.

The next step is to switch from pressing Shift+S to Shift+A and make sure not to release your hands off the Shift key while doing so.

Achieve a 60-degree angle first with Shift+A and then switch to Shift+S to get rotate as shown above. Your main goal is to land the Sparrow upside down and point towards the left.

The last step is to dodge towards the left while in the air. First, perform get a 60-degree angle to get a backflip and then rotate to a sideslip and then finally dodge in the air.

This will allow you to levitate upside down in the air and you can then chain multiple of these actions to perform the infinite slipstream.

However, this is the most difficult part so the first thing that you need to do is hold S after performing your dodge without pressing the Shift key and this pulls your Sparrow back to keep the rotation normalized.

Next, you need to switch to holding Shift+A+S after holding S to complete the full rotation and then perform another dodge. Practice this multiple times to control your rotations mid-air and master the art of slipstream.

That’s it, now go ahead and practice Sparrow Flying and Infinite Slipstream to get around faster from one location to another!