Destiny 2: How To Get The Inquisitor (Trials Shotgun) Guide

September 26, 2022
Let’s find The Inquisitor – Trials Shotgun in Destiny 2!

With the new Season of Plunder, Destiny 2 comes with some new weapons and collectibles that you can obtain in the game. The Inquisitor is a new Shotgun that is awesome for Arc builds, and has its own incredible perk combinations. It is a powerful weapon that is worth being on your list, and today we are going to explain everything to you about the Trials Shotgun and where to find it!

Keep reading our article and find out How To Get The Inquisitor – Trials Shotgun in Destiny 2!

How To Get The Inquisitor (Trials Shotgun) Guide – Destiny 2

The Inquisitor is a pinpoint slug shotgun added to Destiny 2 as a part season of Plunder. This one is a great new Arc energy shotgun, great for Arc 3.0 builds, plus it got some incredible perk combinations that make this weapon great for PVE and PVP.

In order to get this shotgun, you will need to jump into the Trials of Osiris. This event is available from Friday until the reset on Tuesday.

Need to speak with Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar, pick up a passage that will let you get into the trials, and then select the trials from the Crucible menu.

You are required to reach rank 10 in Season of Plunder to get the Inquisitor and to do it, you will want to play trials with Osiris to earn rank-up points.

That’s why you need to win more rounds to rank up faster. Even if you lose, will be granted some decent amount of rank-up points and XP.

If you don’t like Trials of Osiris or PVP, you can still get the weapon, but it will take a bit longer than usual.

Once you’ve reached rank 10, you will get your first role as a rank-up reward from Saint-14, then the weapon will be in your trials loophole, which means you might get different versions of the weapon with potentially better perk combinations.

You can also earn trials engrams from ranking up with Saint-14, and with each rank up, you will get another trials engram.

There is also a possibility to obtain an Adept version of the weapon when it’s featured weapon in trials of Osiris for any weekend,