Destiny 2: How To Get Spoils Of Conquest Solo Guide

Published: 7 Jun 2022
Here's how you can get a decent amount of Spoils of Conquest while being solo in Destiny 2.

Spoils of Conquest was a currency introduced during an expansion in Destiny 2. This currency is heavily required in the game and getting it is also pretty straightforward. That is until you’re solo. Maybe you like running solo, or maybe you don’t have people to play with. Either way, here’s a guide to help you get as many Spoils as you can while being solo.

Destiny 2: How To Get Spoils Of Conquest Solo Guide

There are two ways to get Spoils of Conquest as a solo player in the game. One of these is straightforward and gets you a hidden chest in the Vow of the Disciple raid. The other one uses a cheesy glitch to get you under the map and get a chest in the Vault of Glass raid.

Both of these will provide you with 15 Spoils of Conquest each making it a total of 30. You will only get 5 Spoils on each of these raids for one character, but you can repeat the process for all three characters, making it 30, which is a pretty decent amount for a solo player. Let’s start with the straight, no glitch involved, Vow of the Disciple Raid.

Spoils of Conquest in Vow of the Disciple

The first thing to note here is that you will have to defeat a significant amount of enemies on this quest. So, when you’re solo, you will need to have good enough characters to be able to do this. You can also stand back and fight the Projection of Savathun in the beginning area.

There is no time limit here so you can take as long as you like for defeating this first enemy. As soon as you enter the raid, you will have to move forward to face the first enemy mentioned above. Use everything you got to defeat this enemy and his minions. If you have a Sparrow, this method will be significantly faster for you.

After defeating the Projection, head to the humongous gate that opens on your Sparrow and follow along the path on the right side inside it. There is a long way to go hence a Sparrow is recommended. Once you reach the Barge, you will face a group of 3 enemies called the Knowledge Bearers.

This is where you will need to have a good character for PvE. These enemies can easily overwhelm a newer player or someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. Go ahead and defeat these enemies to get rid of the debuff.

After defeating these enemies, keep going along the path on the right. Next, you will need to find and destroy three specific items to get to the hidden chest in the raid that will finally provide you with the desired Spoils. For the first one, as you head on the path, you will see it under a tree branch after a while on the left.

Once this is done, look directly behind you and will see a path through the tree branches. Get back on your Sparrow and move in this direction. After a bit, there will be a dark alleyway on your left side. Make sure you don’t miss it. Head straight inside this alleyway and as you go to the very end, you will see a marker on your left side showing the second item.

Next, head back into the alleyway you just came from on your Sparrow, and halfway through, you will see a path on the left. Turn 90 degrees left and go straight on this path until it’s blocked by a bridge. Climb on top and on the other side of the bridge. Head inside it and you will find the third item on the left side marked.

Next, head in the same direction across the bridge, and after you go straight for a little bit, there will be a door on the left side. It will be on a platform. As you go inside this door, head to the very end of the room and you can reap the rewards by claiming a chest that provides you with 5 Spoils of Conquest. Repeat it thrice to get 15.

That is all for the first and non-cheaty method to get yourself 15 Spoils of Conquest. But some people might not be satisfied with just 15, since, at the start of the article, we mentioned that you can get 30. So, if you’re okay with using a cheesy glitch that might be patched out soon, head to the next section of the article.

Vault of Glass Spoils of Conquest

This method can be done in the Vault of Glass raid in Destiny 2. It is a pretty easy glitch to perform and we’ll teach you exactly how to do it here so you can get to the first chest and get 5 Spoils of Conquest from this raid as well.

Once you head into the raid, follow the path on the right until you see a pool of brown water on your left. Keep in mind that if Sparrow was optional for the last method, it is 100% necessary for this one. Also, you will need a lot of jumps and a sword can benefit you even more.

Once you’re on the pool, head to the very corner of the small rock at the side of the pool. While you’re here, you need to jump off the Sparrow inside the rock and quickly use the side boost.

To use the boot, you have to double click on the A or D key on your keyboard and press the Thumbstick on Controller.

If you do this fast enough, you will easily go through the rock and under the map.

Behold, you have done the glitch and cheated the game. Once you’re through the map, you can perform a series of glides, jumps, and sword dashes to get to the first chest and reap your reward.

Keep in mind that this is an unintended glitch. It will probably be patched soon. Also, sometimes, the game simply kills you and you would have to restart the whole method. The jumps also aren’t particularly easy to do.