Destiny 2: How To Get Glowing Armor

Published: 21 Jul 2022
Here’s how to get your Glowing Armor in Destiny 2!

Destiny 2 has released the Solstice, one of the major events. Same as the previous years, this year’s Solstice features glowing armor sets. There are two different types of glowing sets in Destiny 2. The first is a stable white glow, and the second one is a dynamic glow. The dynamic glow armor set changes colors based on the Guardian’s subclass.

In this guide, we will show you How to get Glowing Armor in Destiny 2!

Destiny 2: How To Get Glowing Armor

How to unlock the white glow

In order to unlock the white glow, you will have to completely upgrade the Solstice armor on your Guardian. There are a few steps that you must follow to make a successful upgrade.

  • You can pick up the Solstice armor from Eva Levante at the Tower.
  • Make sure to equip the Solstice armor on your Guardian and head to any destination in the Director.
  • While you have equipped the Solstice armor set, you need to take part in different events to earn Silver Leaves.
  • After you collect a good amount of Silver Leaves, head into the Bonfire Bash seasonal playlist activity with the Solstice armor set equipped on you. You can access this from either the Director or the portal beside Eva Levante at the Tower.
  • Once you complete the event successfully, all your Silver Leaves will be gone and changed with Silver Ash in return.

The last of the three major currencies is Kindling, which is tied to the new Event Card. This presents players with a host of new challenges themed around the event and materials. It contains 24 challenges in total, and each of the challenges will reward you with a single Kindling upon completion, which is the only method you can earn Kindling.

After that, you can simply use it to give your armor the white glow and unlock the ability to farm for higher stat rolls.

You are able to upgrade your armor set, and the maximum level can be achieved in three upgrades. Once it’s fully upgraded, you will be able to unlock the White Glow in Destiny 2.

How to get High Stat Armor

You can easily improve the stats of your Solstice armor by using the Silver Ash that you obtained. In the beginning, you need to add the Glowing Embers mod into the sixth slot of your Solstice gear. For this, you will have to pay 20 Silver Ash and must have equipped the Small Kindling mod.

Next is to add the shining Embers mod to your Solstice armor piece. It requires the Large Kindling mod equipped on that specific armor piece and will cost you 40 additional Silver Ash.

After this, you will want to give your armor a spark after you have fully restored a piece of armor. Upon highlighting the sixth mod slot, you will get a row of mods that are each tied to one of your character’s core stats. When you select one of the mods, it will automatically improve the armor piece with a minimum of +20 to its stats that you have selected.

Once you selected the Spark, you won’t be able to reroll the same gear again and will always need to spend a total of 120 Silver Ash on a new piece of armor to roll another high-stat armor piece.

How to unlock Dynamic Glow

In order to unlock the Dynamic Glow, players have to purchase the ornaments that cost 6000 Bright Dust or 1500 Silver from the Eververse Store. Because the Bright Dust is a rare resource in Destiny 2, you will have to grind a lot in order to purchase all three ornaments.

The ornaments can be purchased during the entire time of the event which is enough time to grind for the required amount of Bright Dust.