Destiny 2: How To Get 500 Essence Of Dawning Per Hour (Easy Farm)

December 17, 2022
Here you can learn How To Get 500 Essence Of Dawning Per Hour in Destiny 2!

Destiny 2 is a massive shooter-looter game in which players have to do a lot of farming and upgrade their character and equip it with some of the best gear in the game. The Essence of Dawning is the key currency for the 2022 edition of Destiny 2, and you should know some of the ways that will help you farm as much as possible of this currency and then obtain some of the unique items for you.

This guide will show you How to get 500 Essence of Dawning Per Hour in Destiny 2!

How To Get 500 Essence Of Dawning Per Hour (Easy Farm) – Destiny 2

The Essence of Dawning is used for making cookies and then bringing them to different vendors will get you rewarded with the Dawning Spirit. You will need the Dawning Spirit for crucial updates at Eva Levante, and also to obtain Dawning weapons such as the Stay Frosty pulse rifle.

Because you will need a lot of the Essence of Dawning, the best way to farm it is through the Lake of Shadows strike. As it’s very short and easy to complete, players can get 9 assets of dawning per run.

The Crucible strikes and Gambit offer a good amount of Dawning Essence, but it can be quite time consuming and is not much recommended.

Another best way to get Essence of Dawning is through Nightmare Hunt as you can do it on the lowest difficulty which will grant you with 5 Dawning Essence per run. The good thing is that this run can be completed in around 3 minutes which is much faster compared with the other methods.

You can also farm The Investigation mission and you can get 17 Essence of Dawning after completing it. Another method is through the shattered Throne dungeon boss checkpoint and you can get around 20 Essence of Dawning per run.

If you struggle to get a checkpoint, you can also do Legend or Master lost sectors in a team and it will reward you with around 15 Essence of Dawning.

By using all of these farming methods, you will for sure obtain around 500 Essence of Dawning in less than an hour, which is a pretty easy and fast farm in Destiny 2.