Destiny 2: How To Enable And Use Push To Talk For Voice Chat

September 23, 2022
Learn how to enable the push-to-talk feature in Destiny 2!

Chatting with friends and random people while playing multiplayer games like Destiny 2 can be pretty fun, however, there can be instances where you might need a moment of privacy and might need to mute yourself for a while. This is where using the push to talk for voice chat can be useful.

This guide will tell you how to enable push to talk in Destiny 2

How To Enable And Use Push To Talk For Voice Chat – Destiny 2

Open the game’s menu by pressing Esc and then go to the Settings menu.

Click on the Sound tab and you will find the Push to Talk option there.

The default setting for Push to Talk is Off and you need to enable it by setting it to On.

Now go to the Key Mapping Tab and then scroll down until you find the Push Talk binding in the Common section. The default key bind for this option is T and you can change it to any key of your choice. Just click on the Push to Talk bind and enter the key that you want to replace it.

You can now use voice chat by pressing the button for Push to Talk and your friends will only hear you as long as the button is pressed. As soon as you stop pressing the button, your voice will be muted and your friends won’t be able to hear you anymore.

That’s it, now go ahead and use the Push to Talk option to chat with your friends in Destiny 2!