Destiny 2: Cryptic Quatrains 3 Guide

September 14, 2022
Let’s finish the whole Cryptic Quatrains questline by following this guide!

Destiny 2’s Cryptic Quatrains are a set of three quests that came with this August’s ‘Season of Plunder’ containing riddles that lead players to buried treasures in different locations. Each of these quests has several steps to complete, capping off with the discovery of various noteworthy rewards.

On top of that, completing the Cryptic Quatrains quest also unlocks progress for the game’s seasonal challenges and the Beacon’s Guidance triumph, which is required to get the Scallywag title.

Here is how you finish Cryptic Quatrains 3, putting a close to this particular questline.

Cryptic Quatrains 3 Guide in Destiny 2

Just like the first two Cryptic Quatrains quest before it, the third one also has its own required Star Chart rank to unlock. This one needs you to be at rank 16.

The best way to achieve a high ranking on the star chart is to complete bounties, Expedition, Ketchcrash, and generally participating in several seasonal activities.

Being the final Cryptic Quatrains, it is only fitting for it to be the longest in the trilogy of quests.

Finishing it, however, will reward you an Exotic item: a new Sparrow, making the trek around the Sol System for the third time worth your while. This one has seven riddles.

Here is the First Riddle:

…was I still alive? Still not dead, as I dreamed?
Me treasure not sunken, not lost in the deep?
They’d caught not their quarry, I would be redeemed
And bury me knife in their chests while they sleep

Deciphering the riddle should lead you to the EDZ. Simply land in the Sunken Isles and complete “The Quarry” Lost Sector.

The treasure at the end of the run should give you the next step in the quest.

Here is the Second Riddle:

I waded ashore after crashin’ their ship
Me takin’ their treasure they’d never forgive
Me exodus doubtless curled many a lip
I’d make them forget I had one life to live

This one would be tougher to pull off than the previous ones. For this step, you’d have to complete the Exodus Crash Strike in Nessus without falling in battle.

To make this run much easier, we recommend that you put on armor that grants you Resilience stat as high as it can go.

After surviving it, the quest should proceed to the next step, granting you the third riddle.

Here is the Third Riddle:

They cursed as their catch crashed away through the trees
I moved as if lightnin’ did arc through me bones
I felt like the maker had answered my pleas
While handy with cannons, they left ‘em back home

Unlike the previous step, this one is as simple to pull off as it can be. All you need to do for this step is to run the seasonal Ketchcrash activity while using an Arc subclass and a hand cannon.

Opening the chest reward after completing the activity should get you to the next step.

Here is the Fourth Riddle:

Alone with me atlas and treasure at last
I use me crude dagger to cut out a code
This cipher I’ll place where it’s held safe and fast
Two beacons will guide you if treasure you’re owed

This next step is even easier than the last, perhaps the quickest step in the entire quest.

Simply open your Captain’s Atlas and hover your cursor over the Treasure Map node.

Select the Crude Cipher – the ones you collected from the first two Cryptic Quatrains quests.

Place it into the Captain’s Atlas and you’d get the next step.

Here is the Fifth Riddle:

I crept out at dusk, left me treasure behind
And found me old crew and the captain as well
I’m light with a blade and me right hand’s unkind
They’ll find their salvation dead-center in hell

This is a very quick puzzle that you can solve in no time. Still in the Captain’s Atlas, you’d see that you’re able to slot three Fallen icons into three different secret compartments.

Do this in the precise order:

  • Place the House of Dusk Eliksni Sigil in the left compartment
  • Place the House of Salvation Eliksni Sigil in the middle compartment
  • Place the House of Light Eliksni Sigil in the right compartment

Once that’s done and dealt with, you should get the sixth riddle and the next step in the quest.

Here is the Sixth Riddle:

The cosmos had set me ashore, I was free
Forgotten at last, me heat empty of hate
On deck of the vessel that pointed to sea
I leaned on the mast and awaited me fate

We are now done with the Captain’s Atlas, it is again time to go around the world. This time, go to Cosmodrome and drive over the Forgotten Shore.

Drive to the entrance of the Veles Labyrinth Lost Sector but don’t go inside it.

Continue southeast until you reach another abandoned ship that is pointing towards the ocean.

Jump in it and you should see a spot marked with a green glowing light. Interact with it to get the next step and the final riddle.

Here is the Seventh and Final Riddle:

I took all I had, placed it safe in a cave
Where stream joins its mother by pillars of three
It’s yours if you like, for you’re clever and brave
You may find me treasure… but never find me

This is perhaps the most challenging riddle to decipher in the whole questline. But once you figured it out, the treasure is actually pretty close to the previous step.

From where you are currently, hop back on your ride and drive towards the Mothyards.

On your way, just beyond the giant tankard on the map are three old concrete pillars near a cliff wall.

Behind them, you’ll see a small cave with a green light shining from the inside.

This is where the final treasure lies.

Opening it will finally end the questline. You’ll get several seasonal loots and the Exotic Charge of Light pirate Sparrow.

You’ll also be able to pick up the Beacon’s Guidance Triumph, which you’d need to finish the Scallywag seasonal Seal.