Destiny 2: Cryptic Quatrains 2 Guide

September 14, 2022
Complete the second Cryptic Quatrains quest in short breeze by following this guide!

Destiny 2’s Cryptic Quatrains are a set of three quests that came with this August’s ‘Season of Plunder’ containing riddles that lead players to buried treasures in different locations. Each of these quests has several steps to complete, capping off with the discovery of various noteworthy rewards.

On top of that, completing the Cryptic Quatrains quest also unlocks progress for the game’s seasonal challenges and the Beacon’s Guidance triumph, which is required to get the Scallywag title.

Here is how you finish Cryptic Quatrains 2:

Cryptic Quatrains 2 Guide in Destiny 2

To unlock the second Cryptic Quatrains quest, you must first have a rank in the Star Chart of 10 or higher. This is located in H.E.L.M.

The best way to achieve a high ranking on the star chart is to complete bounties, Expedition, Ketchcrash, and generally participating in several seasonal activities.

Let’s say that you are already eligible to get the quest. Much like the first quest in the Cryptic Quatrains questline, this one also starts and ends with a riddle.

Only this time, it has five of it instead of just four.

Here is the First Riddle:

The bay filled me chest, although drown I did not
I coughed and I shivered me way through the mist
They dreamed I was lost, my sad scarper for naught
Yet all that I wished for was tight in me fist

This one points you to the Dreaming City, to be more precise, the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector from the Divalian Mists. Go there to start working on the quest.

Clear out the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector like you normally would.

After defeating the final boss of the run, open the chest reward to progress the quest and receive the next riddle.

Here is the Second Riddle:

I swore I was dead at the shore of the lake
Their shadows stretched long as they searched the debris
But though they did strike out at me and me take
Their words found me ears, but they didn’t find me

This next riddle is a bit more straightforward compared to the previous one. Deciphering it will lead you to the European dead Zone (EDZ). Play through the Lake of Shadows Strike.

After completing it by defeating Grask, the Consumed, you will be rewarded with the next step of the quest and the next riddle.

Here is the Third Riddle:

Me long expedition led to no reward
Me bones cried for rest and yet I could not yield
Lest I hear the sound of a crewmate’s drawn sword
I shivered with terror at what they might wield

You’d want to head to the Expeditions seasonal activity for this one. It is accessible from the H.E.L.M. You can choose any from the expedition playlist.

Take note that you have to have a sword equipped to progress further.

After finishing your chosen expedition with a sword, the quest should update, giving you the next step via the fourth riddle.

Here is the Fourth Riddle:

The red ground of Nessus would soon be me grave
A column reached high into alien hue
Though cistern did beckon, no water it gave
At pyramid’s imprint, I sought to pass through

Unlike the first three riddles, the fourth one may confuse a bunch of players. For the next step, you’d have to travel Nessus.

Head to The Cistern landing zone. After landing, you should see your destination right after. It is the broken pillar in the distance ahead – the one that has a pyramid-shaped entrance for its base.

The treasure can be found at the ‘Well of Flame’ entrance in the middle of the area.

Once you see the buried treasure (it is marked with a glowing green light on the floor), simply interact with it to get the next step of the quest and the final riddle.

Here is the Fifth and Final Riddle:

Me crewmates were nearing, t’was just as I feared
And terrible fluid did fall from the sky
I fancied I noticed, beyond broken sphere,
A place that was safe for me treasure and I

You wouldn’t have to go far to solve the final riddle.

From your current location, you’d have to head to the northwest corner of the area.

You’ll eventually come across a broken sphere surrounded by trees and a lush body of water.

Just beside it is the buried treasure to complete the quest.

Dig up the treasure and the quest should end. It will reward you with some loot and another Crude Cipher Fragment.