Deep Rock Galactic: Every Drink Guide

After exploring the treacherous depths of Hoxxes filled with challenges and intense encounters, the dwarves at Deep Rock Galactic deserve to wind down and get a few drinks in. While drinking in this game may seem just like a side activity for some players, you can actually get helpful benefits from drinking Deep Rock Galactic beers.

Beers in this game provide a wide variety of effects that may drastically alter your experience with the game. While most of them provide helpful buffs some are also there to just mess with you. Here are all the drinks in Deep Rock Galactic.

Every Drink Guide – Deep Rock Galactic

There are three types of drinks in the game: Today’s Special drinks, Corporate Issue drinks, and Craft Beer.

Let’s discuss each of them and later on will provide a comprehensive table for all the drinks featured in the game.

All of them can be purchased in the game hub’s Abyss Bar.

First are Today’s Special drinks, which can be one out of eight drinks. As you may already figure looking solely on its name, Today’s Special drinks change upon mission rotation.

This means that you can only consume or gain the benefit of one of these drinks at a time. Think of it as the featured drinks at your favorite café that changes with each day.

Next are the Corporate Issue drinks. These are the drinks that you can purchase any time you want. They are the most accessible type of drink in the game.

Last but not least is Craft Beers. These drinks don’t provide you with any buffs but would instead give unique interactions and effects inside the Space Rig.

Take note that drinks in this game aren’t purchased using just one currency, unlike most games. Here, drinks can cost you straightforward credits or maybe some materials.

Without further ado, here are all the drinks in Deep Rock Galactic arranged in alphabetical order alongside their price, potency, effect, and drink type.

Beer NamePricePotencyTypeBuff/Effect
ArkenstoutFour Malt Star10%CraftFreezes the player in ice
Backbreaker StoutOne Barley Bulb25%Today’s Specialx1.32 carry movement speed
Blacklock LagerTwo Yeast Cone and five Starch Nut46%CraftWill darken the player’s screen and ghost sounds begin to play
Blackout StoutThree Starch Nut100%CraftIncreases a player’s drunkness to max, will cause them to pass out
Blackreach BlondeThree Yeast Cone and three Malt Star15%CraftThe player that drinks this will receive the jukebox effect and start dancing
Burning LoveSix Malt Star17%CraftWhoever drinks this will catch on fire
Dark MorkiteTwo Barley Bulbs16%Today’s Specialx1.44 Morkite mined
Flintlocke’s DelightThree Yeast Cone and two Starch Nut20%CraftExplosions will occur around the player who drinks this
Glyphid Slammer85 credits20%Corporate IssueNone
Gut WreckerOne Malt Star and four Starch Nut41%CraftThe player who drinks this will burp very loudly, causing the screen to shake
Leaf Lover’s Special25 credits0%Corporate IssueRemoves Drunk status effect
Mactera BrewOne Malt Star and six Starch Nut40%CraftCauses the player to fart which will then create a green cloud that surrounds them
Malt RockbearerSix Yeast Cone23%CraftThe player who drinks this will grow bigger
Oily Oaf Brew35 credits12%Corporate IssueNone
Pots O’ GoldThree Barley Bulbs16%Today’s Specialx4 Gold mine
Red Rock BlasterOne Barley Bulb12%Today’s Specialx1.69 max health
Rocky MountainThree Barley Bulb15%Today’s Special-2 pickaxe hits to terrain
Seasoned MoonriderThree Malt Star and four Starch Nut12%CraftThe player will receive the low gravity effect and will gain an upward boost in momentum
Smart StoutFour Malt Star and two Starch Nut24%CraftThe player will receive an intelligence buff and begin to talk like a scientist
Slayer StoutTwo Barley Bulb23%Today’s Specialx0.25 pickaxe power attack cooldown
Skull Crusher AleTwo Barley Bulb20%Today’s Special+20 base pickaxe damage
Tunnel RatThree Barley Bulb10%Today’s Special-60% fall damage
Underhill DeluxeFour Yeast Cone18%CraftThe player becomes smaller
Wormhole SpecialOne Yeast Cone, two Malt Star, and three Starch Nut25%CraftTeleports the player to a random location inside the Drop Pod or outside the Space Rig

That is all the drinks you can get in Deep Rock Galactic.

While some of them are undisputedly better than the other, it would hurt to just try them all out at least one time. After all, dwarves just love their beers!