Dead Island 2: Search Farouk The Producer’s House For Goods And Whiskey Master Tapes

Dead Island 2 is a story-driven game so there are plenty of quests you progress further into its narrative. One such side quest is Resurrect the Rex where music producer Rikky Rex invites you to his house and needs you to recover some master tapes from his producer’s house.

This guide will tell you how to find the master tapes in Farouk the music producer’s house.

Search Farouk the producer’s house for Goods and Whiskey master tapes

After talking to Rikky, you will need to head over to Farouk’s house which is the mansion next door located north of Jesse’s house. Clear the crowd of zombies near the white van and then climb its roof to gain entry into the house.

Throw the battery found on the van’s roof into the pool below to zap the zombies enjoying their pool time. Jump down and clear the area to proceed further. You will also need to defeat Dave, Farouk’s zombie partner.

Collect Farouk’s House Key from his drop and then enter his house. There are three master tapes that you need to find and return them back to Rikky.

Inside the house, you will find Farouk, the producer who has now turned into a zombie thus you need to defeat him too. You will be able to collect the first Gods and Whiskey master tape called “Axe Me Nicely: The Album” from his drop.

For the second master tape, you need to head over to the second floor where you will come across a pool of electrified water on the floor.

Follow the red wire from the puddle towards the other side of the stairs and you will find a generator. Turn off this generator to shut down the power.

Make your way across this puddle to collect the second master tape called “Puking Excellence: The Tour”.

Last but not least is the third master tape which is located on the third floor of the mansion.Here you will find a huge crowd of zombies waiting for you near the balcony.

Use the Explosive Canister and the Fuel Canister to burn down those enemies by pouring some fuel along the edge of the window and then throwing a weapon at the canister to light it up.

After the area is clear, you will be able to collect the final master tape lying on the lounge chair on the balcony titled “Hair on a G-String: B-Sides”.Once you have collected all the tapes, return back to Rikky to complete the quest and collect your rewards.

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