Dead Island 2 Blueprint Challenges – How To Activate Blueprint Challenges Guide

Blueprints Challenges are an essential part of Dead Island 2 and completing them will allow you to earn plenty of XP. This can be helpful if you want to level up your character and unlock perks in the game.

This guide will tell you how to activate Blueprint Challenges in the game.

How to activate Blueprint Challenges Guide

Dead Island 2 features six different types of challenges and blueprint challenges are one of them. Completing these challenges will allow you to unlock Autophage perks which can help you deal massive damage against targets while also applying status effects.

In the beginning, you might think that the challenges are not working because the tracking feature is not functioning properly but this isn’t the case. You will need to wait for the tutorial screen for the Autophage perks to show up in order to unlock them.

This screen appears after you complete the 15th-story mission called The Giant Slayer. The blueprint challenges will now become active and you will be able to track them to unlock new Autophage perks.

These fancy perks can be used to customize your weapons and enhance their abilities. There are a total of 7 blueprint challenges available for you to complete:

Blueprint ChallengesRequirements
ContagiousHit zombies with heavy attacks
InfectiousInflict the Bleeding effect on zombies
Infernal CombustionInflict the ignited effect on zombies
LeechbladeKill zombies with melee weapons
ShockwaveKnock down zombies
Static ChargeInflict the Electrified effect on zombies
VampireCollect Zombie Parts

That’s it, now go ahead and complete these challenges to unlock some great Autophage perks!