DayZ: How To Use Gas Stove

September 7, 2022
Time to use the gas stove and cook some tasty food!

Days Z is a survival horror adventure where you need to survive a post-apocalyptic world that has been overrun by an infected zombie population. It’s important to cook food in order to survive and a portable gas stove will allow you to cook food anywhere inside a cooking pot or frying pan.

This guide will tell you how to use the gas stove in the game;

How To Use Gas Stove in DayZ

First, you will need a large gas canister or a small gas canister, a cooking pot and a portable gas stove to cook food.

Take the canister and put it on the gas stove by attaching it as shown above.

Now take the gas stove and put it on the ground and then click on the stove to turn it on.

Open your inventory and put the cooking pot on top of the gas stove.

You can use it to cook your favourite recipes but do note that other players can hear the noise of the gas stove so you need to be careful.

To disassemble it, turn it off and then drag the cooking pot first and then you can put back the canister as well as the cooking pot to disassemble it.You can also keep the canister attached to the gas stove to save space in your backpack.

That’s it, now go ahead and use the gas stove to cook some delicious food!