Dayz: How To Get Rid Of Sickness

September 8, 2022
Follow these tricks to avoid getting sick!

Day Z is a survival horror adventure where you need to survive a post-apocalyptic world that has been overrun by an infected zombie population. It’s important for your character to stay healthy and prevent getting sick or diseases in order to survive.

This guide will tell you how to get rid of sickness in the game.

How To Get Rid Of Sickness in DayZ

The Immune system is a critical survival stat that will protect you from 3 main diseases in the game: Salmonellosis, Cholera and Kuru.

While the first two can be easily cured, Kuru is incurable since it is a brain disease that you get from eating humans and meat that will stay with your character until death. To prevent your character from getting affected by Kuru, avoid eating human meat and wash your hands after skinning a body.

Psalm Analysis is a disease that you can get by consuming raw meat so always ensure that you cook your meat. You can ignite a fire easily by using a knife and the environment so make sure to always cook your meat.

There is no cure for Salmonllosis but it will eventually go away so make sure that you only eat small amounts at a time while keeping your food and water indicators at yellow.

If you have Cholera, make sure that you stay close to a well as Cholera is one of the biggest killers diseases for new players.

It might seem tempting to drink water directly from rivers and lakes when you are desperate but it can be a death sentence if you don’t have adequate supplies.

Stagnant water has the highest chance of getting Cholera and it is also possible to get it from water containers with a 50/50 chance.

Make sure to empty all water containers and fill them with water from the well.

While it is also possible to get cholera from the well however it is unlikely unless you have very poor immunity. You can also get cholera from water containers which had previously dirty water in them so make sure to clean them using disinfectant spray or alcohol.

You can either try to prevent cholera or be prepared to cure cholera. The best way to avoid getting cholera is not to drink water and stick to canned sodas, fruits and other fruit items.

It is always better to drink from a well as you can find it in every town since there are very low chances of getting cholera from a well unless your health, blood or temperature is too low.

Try to only drink from a well when your character is healthy to save your cans of drink when you are low on health, blood or cold.

You can increase your immunity by taking Vitamin Pills as it will decrease your chance of getting cholera from drinking.

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Another way to avoid getting cholera is constantly using purification tablets which can be found at medical and hunting spots but you will need a container for these.

After getting your hands on a container, you can drink from any water source and then combine it with a purification tablet to make the water clean and safe to drink.

You must also remember to disinfect containers by using alcohol tincture or disinfect spray or combining both of them to clean a container and remove any traces of a disease. Do note that this does not clean the water and only cleans the container.

In case you do not have any disinfectant available with you then do not share your water container with a sick friend as they pass the disease back to you by drinking from the same container.

If you do get Cholera then you can eat a lot of food and then sit by a well to prepare to wait for the disease to go or you can use Tetracycline pills which will dramatically increase the time to cure the disease.

Do note that these do not stack so only eat one at a time.

That’s everything you need to know to cure diseases in the game!