Dayz: How To Find Fireworks

September 8, 2022
Time to distract your enemies with some fireworks!

Day Z is a survival horror adventure where you need to survive a post-apocalyptic world that has been overrun by an infected zombie population. Fireworks are a great way to celebrate or distract those zombies so you can flank around them and kill them making them really useful in military areas.

This guide will tell you how to find the Fireworks launcher in the game.

How To Find Fireworks in DayZ

The Fireworks Launchers can be found in the Lunar Parks or the Amusement Parks or the Fairgrounds that you will across while exploring the map.

You can find them in areas such as Svergino, Stary Sobor and Novaya Petrovka

If you look at the game files then you will notice that only 4 of these spawn in a vanilla server and as soon someone picks it up, another one will spawn.

This makes them pretty rare and since there are only 3 places to find them, there are very low chances of even finding one.

You can add more Fireworks to your community by heading over to and logging in to your account.

Here you can click on the File Browser option in the tools to tweak the server files.

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Now click on the missions folder here, dayzps_missions for Playstation, dayzxp_missions for Xbox and dayz_missions for PC.

Click on the folder for your respective map, it is the first folder that you will find here.

For example, dayzOffline.chernarusplus for the Chernarus map.

Scroll down and click on the db folder.

Scroll down again to open the types.xml file in the list. You can either download the file to edit it or open it in the browser itself.

After you open the file, search for Firework and here you will need to change the values between the <nominal> and <min> containers to one of your choices.

For example, you set it to <nominal>8<nominal> and <min>4<min> to increase the amount of Fireworks from 4 to 8.

You can also change their spawn location by adding the <usage name =””/> at the end and adding the place of your inside the quotes. For example, you add <usage name=” Village”/> to spawn the Fireworks launcher inside the village.

Do note that when you add more usage containers in the file, it does not make the item easy to find since the quantity remains the same and instead becomes more spread out.

This is the reason you will need to increase the quantity of the item by modifying the nominal and min containers.

That’s it, now go ahead and find some Fireworks to distract those zombies!