DayZ: How To Disable Stamina & Enable Infinite Endurance

September 8, 2022
Infinite Stamina is all you need!

Day Z is a survival horror adventure where you need to survive a post-apocalyptic world that has been overrun by an infected zombie population. With the 1.15 update, you can now disable stamina and get infinite endurance allowing your character to sprint without getting tired or fainting.

This guide will tell you how to get infinite stamina or endurance in the game.

How To Disable Stamina & Enable Infinite Endurance in DayZ

The first thing that you need to do is visit the website: and login to your account.

Now go to the General Settings in the left corner of the website and scroll towards the bottom to enable access to the cfggameplay.json file

Next click on the File Browser option to find the missions folder. It is dayzps_missions for Playstation, dayzxp_missions for Xbox and dayz_missions for PC.

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Click to open it and it will show you the missions available for that particular server, ie Chernarus for Chernarus server.

Click to open it and then scroll down to find the cfggameplay.json file in that folder.

You will need to stop your server before you can edit it.

Open the file and search for sprintStaminaModifier lines there. You can download it and open it in your favourite text editor such as Notepad++

Here you need to replace these lines with the following:


   “sprintStaminaModifierErc”: 0.01,

   “sprintStaminaModifierCro”: 0.01,

   “staminaWeightLimitThreshold”: 6000.0,

   “staminaMax”: 100.0,

   “staminaKgToStaminaPercentPenalty”: 0.01,

   “staminaMinCap”: 0.01


Now your character will have infinite endurance and won’t faint anymore after running so you don’t have to worry about the stamina levels ever.

That’s it, now go ahead and make these changes to enjoy infinite stamina!