Dave The Diver: Where To Find Agar

July 3, 2023
It’s time to see where you can find Agar in Dave the Diver.

There are a lot of characters and materials that you can find and learn more from. Each character can eventually become your employee and give you different missions which will help you get more rewards that will help you raise your restaurant even more. Agar is a material that can be found in the depths of the ocean and help you create different dishes for your restaurant.

In this guide, we will show you where you can find Agar in Dave the Diver.

Where To Find Agar

Agar is an ingredient that you will stumble upon the early stages of Dave the Diver and will be a part of a mission called “Red Ecological Data”.

This mission will require you to obtain 2 Agar.

To find Agar in Dave the Diver, you want to jump down from your boat and just swim straight down until you see an escape pod. Just under the escape pod is where you will find 2 Agar pieces that are waiting to be chopped.

Later on during all of your missions, you won’t be required to collect too much Agar specifically. But, you will be required to create unique dishes that require you to get Agar and different ingredients.

So it is key to remember exactly where these Agar materials spawn. Not to worry though, their re-spawn timer is not that big and we highly recommend you to go to the above-said area quite often to stack up on a lot of agar as possible.

Remember, as long as you have enough materials to create wonderful dishes in your restaurants and you are fully stocked, all your customers will be satisfied and your reputation will increase drastically.

And there you have it. Simple as that, that is where you can find Agar in Dave the Diver.