Dave The Diver: Mantis Shrimp Guide

July 7, 2023
Check out this guide to see how you can defeat the Mantis and get Mantis Shrimp in Dave the Diver.

As you continue your journey in Dave the Diver, you will encounter some pretty weird situations. Eventually, you will end up fighting a Mantis that has giant boxer gloves and will try to smash you to the ground. This Mantis is quite strong and there aren’t a lot of weak points for it, giving players some hard times.

In this guide, we will show you how you can defeat the Mantis boss and get Mantis Shrimp in Dave the Diver.

What Is Mantis Shrimp & How To Get It?

The Mantis is a boss that has boxing gloves which is found in the depths of the map. Upon killing this boss, you will get Mantis Shrimp which is needed to create a special dish for your restaurant.

Mechanics Of The Mantis

The Mantis uses only his boxing gloves to get to you and his whole body is made of armor which cannot be damaged even if you tried to.

Your main job here is to be patient with the Mantis and wait for it to strike a few moves before they all become on cooldown.

  • There are a few moves that you need to worry about:
  • Extended left and right hits (Usually happen whenever you are on the ground and the top of the arena)
  • Straight extended shots towards you (Happen when you are in the middle of the arena)
  • Dash and wave attack (The Mantis will dash towards you and create a wave which will push you back to the wall)

How To Defeat The Mantis?

To defeat the mantis, you need to aim for the big shiny eyes. You can use most of your firing weapons to get some damage done to it.

After you’ve managed to make a few hits on the Mantis’s eyes, it will back up and charge an attack towards you.

You will have plenty of time to swim to the left wall and raise a metal ball and wait for the mantis to hit it and get damaged by it.

From this point on, you will need to continue damaging the Mantis as much as you can until it repeats itself and charges that hit one more time.

You will need to repeat this whole process multiple times until you’ve finally managed to kill the Mantis and obtain the Mantis Shrimp.

And there you have it. That is how you can defeat the Mantis and get Mantis Shrimp in Dave the Diver.