Dave The Diver: How To Get The Pink Dolphin Photo

July 7, 2023
Time to see how you can solve the Pink Dolphin Photo in Dave the Diver.

The Pink Dolphin in Dave the Diver is something that you will come across way more often than you think. The main issue is that the game has a glitch where you need to time the photo of the dolphin perfectly.

In this guide, we will show you how you can solve the Pink Dolphin Photo in Dave the Diver.

What Is The Pink Dolphin?

The Pink Dolphin in Dave the Diver is a very unlucky dolphin that usually gets itself caught in a fishing net quite often.

You will encounter this pink dolphin at very often periods whenever your start a brand new dive off your boat.

As you dive inside the water, a regular dolphin will swim up to you and ask for help. You then will get a side-quest that tells you to follow the dolphin and investigate the situation.

Upon investigating, you will see a pink dolphin that is stuck in a fish net and is currently being captured.

It seems that these are pirates that want to catch the pink dolphin. Your job now is to go ahead and swim up to the rope just under the pirate’s boat and cut it to make sure that the pink dolphin has been freed.

Once the net has been caught, you will enter a small cut-scene where you need to be as fast as possible to take the photo of the pink dolphin being freed up.

How To Get The Pink Dolphin Photo?

To get the Pink Dolphin Photo, you need to wait for the pink dolphin to interact with the regular dolphin and make a heart under the water filled with bubbles.

That is the exact time where you need to take the photo.

If you manage to not be able to get this photo and gain extra points for it, you may need to do some troubleshooting with your game.

How To Fix The Photo Bug?

If you come across the bug where you simply try to get the photo and nothing happens, you are going to need to make sure that Dave the Diver has been updated to the latest update.

You can also repair the game itself and this small glitch will get fixed.

And there you have it. That is how you can get the Pink Dolphin Photo in Dave the Diver and also managed to figure out how to fix the glitch if the photo could not be registered.