Dave The Diver: Best Fish List

July 4, 2023
It’s time to explore the underwater world in Dave the Diver and find the best Fish.

As you begin your adventures in Dave The Diver, you will eventually stumble upon a series of different fish in the sea. These fish will be a must for you to catch because most of them are needed to create amazing and unique dishes that will guarantee to increase the reputation of your restaurant as well as increase your overall revenue.

So in this guide, we will show you the best fish list and how you can catch them in Dave the Diver.

Best Fish List

In Dave the Diver you have a lot of fish in the sea that you will catch and research.

However, we will separate the best fish that are out there for you that are required for the most unique dishes.

These best fish are:

  • Seahorse
  • Longfin Batfish
  • Moray Eels
  • Jellyfish
  • Red Lionfish

And now, without further ado, let us show you how and where you can catch all of these fish in Dave the Diver.

Seahorse Guide And How To Catch It

The Seahorse in Dave the Diver can appear in the middle part of the sea where the Sea People Village is located.

As you make your way over to the Sea People Village, don’t hesitate to look around that area and see if you can find any seahorses.

Once you do, you are going to need to get your Bug Net and throw it to them because that is the only way to catch them. They are too fast for the harpoon gun.

Red Lionfish Guide And How To Catch It

The Red Lionfish is an amazing-looking fish that can be found in the upper levels of the sea. This is a redfish that has a lot of fins sticking out.

It is a very easy fish to catch and you won’t need anything else other than your harpoon gun to catch it.

Longfin Batfish Guide And How To Catch It

The Longfin Batfish is a slightly rare fish that you will see in the middle parts of the map. This is a long fish in height and a very short one in width.

Once you see it, it will be very hard to miss it. So grab onto your harpoon gun and attack to get ready for your next amazing dish!

Jellyfish Guide And How To Get Them

The Jellyfish in Dave the Diver are located in the deeper parts of the sea where the Limestone cave is located. You will need to swim down and look for them slightly harder.

But once you see them, don’t hesitate to get close to them and use your bug net to start catching them. As you’ve used your bug net, get close to them and hold down your space button to make sure that the Jellyfish doesn’t escape and you’ve caught it.

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Moray Eels Guide And How To Catch Them

The Moray Eels will be available in the later stages of Dave the Diver. Once you’ve obtained a quest called “A Noisy Customer”, you will have the chance to serve moray curry to customers which requires Moray Eels.

Once you dive into the sea, at about 20-40 meters of depth, you will have a chance to spot a Moray Eel.

To catch one, you need to shoot it with one of your weapons and lower its health until it becomes vulnerable and can be caught.

And there you have it. Those are some of the best fish that you can catch and use for your dishes in Dave The Diver.